Sunday, December 28, 2008

a moment on the lips, a lifetime on my jowels ...

this past week was marked by a ridiculous amount of cheese: aged cheddar, cheddar, gruyere, havarti -- with plenty more where that came from. a moment on the lips, a lifetime on my jowels.

in other news:

Definitely, Maybe 2008: christmas eve found me alone on a pull out bed as comfortable as breaking into a science museum and throwing a top sheet over the skeleton of t-rex. thankfully, my parents are rich in cable and i missed just 30 seconds of this ryan renyolds classic. he tells his daughter the stories of three women he dated or dated-ish over the course of a few years and she tries to guess, despite the nicknames, which is her mother. pretty cute. but i'll toss it in that "fever pitch" category of not good or bad enough to see. although, there were tears.

Netherland: A Novel: Months after everyone has read Joseph O’Neill’s Netherland, I’m going to add a “me too” to the mess of people who added it to various “best of …” lists.

Hans is a Dutch banker, a passive go’er with the flo’er whose wife lights back to London from Manhattan after 9/11, taking their son with her. Already an aimless sort, Hans continues to drift and falls in with Chuck Ramkissoon — an international man of mystery who is obsessed with trying to build a cricket community.

full review here.

"the hills"
* lauren < heidi < heidi's mom
* poor heidi. this stupid wedding is like waking up from a bad dream and realizing you gave birth to a 22 year old, unemployed hobbit. MADD should have her do an advertisement on the evils of tequila.
* i think if a psychiatrist got justin bobby alone with a box of crayons and some ink spots, they'd find the following personalities cowering in a corner of his pea brain: a biker d-bag in a beanie, jason mraz, both of the cops on CHiPs, and dakota fanning. the one i'd most like to see date audrina: dakota fanning.
* um. i watched the aftershow. i have no further comment, but it felt weird to not own up to it here, where i write my most honest and private thoughts.

ghost adventures
this week the gang travels to a gruesome penitentiary in ohio, where many have been imprisoned, murdered, executed and committed suicide. highlights include:
* an old man, former guard, who literally tips over while talking to our hero zak bagans. i thought this was hilarious; chuck questioned its inclusion in the show; i still think it's hilarious.
* zak goes on a terrific spree with the word "bro." how much do i wish he'd called his buddies "brah?" too much.
* after a vicious ghost-taunting, zak finds himself alone, in the dark, in the hole. he turns the camera on himself to confess that he's not taunting anyone now ... no, he's scared.
* a new rule has been added to the drinking game: every time zak makes aaron do a menial task that it would be simpler for him to do himself, you drink. "aaron. hand me your camera and make an X in that spot right there for our night-vision camera."

possible that we are the only people in the world who curl up with fajitas and ghost adventures every week? i wonder.

"rock show": futbol writes about a rickety bus and a trip to see a band who's name translates to The Indian Solari and the Air Conditioning Fundamentalists. "Essentially, the man has become a cover band of himself, and all the moshing in the world can’t make up for that creative failure. Indian, I feel for you."


Kristabella said...

1) I love havarti

2) I thought Definitely, Maybe was good, actually. But that was probably because I was expecting the worst and assumed that Ryan Reynolds would play a douchebag in the movie, since I figured that was the extent of his acting ability.

3) I watched the Aftershow once. It was when Tom Cruise made an appearance and when Heidi and Spencer were on for the first time after getting married. I'm ashamed.

futbol said...

Were You Aware? Congressman Henry Hyde is our jowliest congressman.