Saturday, December 6, 2008

it ain't no big thing ...

so friday was completely unnecessary. might as well not have even existed on the calendar. i woke up at 8 p.m. after what must have been demonic possession at rt's the previous night. somehow the stars aligned. as did the shots. it was truly epic. i've remembered birthdays more clearly.

after a solid 18 hours of z's, we ordered food delivery from luce. since "everything" seemed like an ambitious order, i made due with cheese bread, veggie nuggets and a cold pasta salad. i took one bite of each and groaned. water has never tasted to good. if my kidneys could talk, they would have sounded like a gunny sack filled with hungry kittens.

reader(s), i watched a lot of tv last night.

today i did that stupid thing where i go to a mall on a saturday in december. chuck's birthday is next week, so i've been hunting down a present that will secure my place in his heart. it was bittersweet. nothing for the mister, a new winter coat, purse and book for selfish mcsselfisher.

a few weeks ago i was at luce and my friend icknay went apeshit over my current purse. he told me he hated it, and demanded that i get a new one. even volunteered to go to the mall with me. i'm sure he'd hate this one, too. it's pretty awful, but goes well with my itchy case of arrested development.

i passed out on the couch about 80 pages into my book, and had a weird dream about gravity.


TWNT said...

can't stop laughing at:

"if my kidneys could talk, they would have sounded like a gunny sack filled with hungry kittens"

Mach1 said...

I think we need a picture of this new, allegedly hideous, purse.

Kristabella said...

So if you woke up at 8 PM (which, KUDOS to you for that much sleep) when did you go to bed that night? Or did you just stay up for 24 hours?