Sunday, December 7, 2008

introducing the ghost adventures drinking game ...

i see now that last week was worthless.

A Carol Christmas 2003: tor-tor stars in this hallmark family movie as a scroogie television talk-show host who hates things like kids and meals on wheels and when her employees have lives outside of work. she takes a nap before the live christmas eve show and is visited by ghosts who show her the past, present and future. spoiler: when she wakes, she has turned into a nice person and everyone is happy. and she gets the guy. includes gary coleman and william shatner. neither as "the guy."

"coffee" by christoph niemann is a story of a man's love for coffee, told largely in coffee-stained illustration. totally cute.

No One Belongs Here More Than You: Stories by miranda july: The truth is, I don’t like most contemporary short stories. They feel contrived and purposefully engineered to be “out there” or inaccessible. This is a problem with all but two and a half of the stories in this collection.

full review here.

ghost adventures: "this is a show you love to hate," chuck said mid-way though the episode at a haunted penitentiary in boise, idaho. true. as soon as they spent five minutes addressing zak's fear of snakes, it became obvious that nothing was going to happen during lock down.

at one point a dark shadow caresses zak's arm.
aaron's pocket with a water bottle opens.
an unexplained noise occurs, and seems to be two ghosts talking.
an orb is deemed not a ghostly energy.

we're creating a ghost adventures drinking game.
one drink whenever zak says "energy."
one drink when aaron says "dude."
finish your drink when zak's nipples show.

meanwhile, the google hits for zak keep coming. more people are coming here looking for info on his tattoos and this week i got the inevitable "zak bagans gay."

my favorite ghost adventurer has become aaron. his natural instinct, when scared, is to turn the camera onto himself and go "duuuuude! i just totally felt something on my arm."

also watching:
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Seasons 1 & 2

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Miranda July makes me feel stupid.