Sunday, December 21, 2008

an ill use of my imagination ...

this week was defined by snow and tetris:

the former fell in large, paralyzing amounts and i played the latter enough to have the theme song permanently embedded in my brain. i am actually seeing shapes when i close my eyes and as i was reading, i was imagining which configuration of blocks would fit best at an indent mark.

oddly enough, i'm still not good at tetris.

here is why i hate winter driving: i am not convinced that some 20 year old idiot isn't going to t-bone me. a few days ago i imagined what it would feel like to be severed at the torso. this is an ill use of my imagination.

anyway ...


tomato and goat cheese galette: this is pretty much an onion, tomato, goat cheese and thyme pie. and it. is. awesome. i can't wait to screw around with the recipe and see what happens with some onions, tomatoes, basil and ricotta cheese. it's going to be INSANE!

fajitas!: i just wanted to take a photo of all these peppers. not a good photo, just a photo. all fajitas should always have zuccini in them.

Never Let Me Go by kazuo ishiguro: I’m going to be brief here, because everyone should have the pleasure of reading this book without knowing a lick about it.

This is a tricky book to talk about. I didn’t know anything about it when I cracked into it, and 100 pages later I probably would have called it a coming-of-age story about three kids in an English boarding school. And at that point, it wasn’t super gripping, as far as coming-of-age novels go.

full review here.

Northline: A Novel (P.S.) by willy vlautin: This is exactly the kind of cliche, mediocre plotline with a kitchy quirk that I want to watch a movie version of on the Lifetime Network the Sunday after one too many Grainbelts. It is that movie “Waitress” in the way that every story about a woman and her abusive boyfriend and an unplanned pregnancy and getting a GED are the 2007 movie that starred Felicity. Reading it, though, just happened involuntarily with no change in my blood pressure or body temperature.

full review here.


Fever Pitch 2005: the only possible way i would ever see this movie is if it was accidentally on tv on the exact channel i was watching and my thumb was too apathetic to bounce on the remote. not that i assumed there was anything wrong with it, it just falls in that passive grey area where i'd forgotten it existed. the stars aligned in just this way this week. i'm delighted to say, it was an adorable movie and i, of course, got weepy. i could listen to drew barrymore lisp all day.

2003: wow. move over holiday tradition of watching "gremlins," we have a new winning holiday movie. we'll have to put phoebe cates' shocker about how her father died when he got stuck in the chimney on ice this year.

ghost hunters: the foil to ghost adventures is the much more credible team. "ghost hunters" features a group that can get through entire episodes without using the word "orb" or "dude!" while they investigate. they first try to debunk alleged hauntings. they have heat sensors that ghost adventurers can only drool over, and only one psychotic investigator who would fit in with the bagans' posse.

ghost adventures: zak bagans experiences a fit of 'roid rage when his henchman nick tries to flee a haunted bathroom in bobby mackay's music world. zak growls at his weaker counterpart, telling him not to run from his fears. later, zak experiences burning sensations on his back after trying to antagonize a demon spirit. cameraman aaron semi undresses the hero to find scratch marks down zak's back. the pained ghost adventurer storms out of the room, throwing his hands up in dispair, only to spin around and COME BACK AT THOSE GHOSTS! like it was a common bar room brawl.

in a more tender moment, zak has a one-on-one with a catholic priest who warns him that he's messing with something powerful and dangerous.

"is it wrong that i just want to go after them?" zak confesses, subtly flexing his triceps.

how can two shows about ghosts be so different, and so great in such opposite ways? and how is it possible that every week, zak starts to look more and more like something you'd find gyrating on a life sized speaker at 18 and up night? god bless him.

"the hills"
* lo calls whitney a "career girl" with a sneer. lauren responds "no, but it's good!"
* i totally misjudged spencer. this getting heidi crunk on patron and marrying her in mayheeko is what hallmark has in mind when they sprinkle glitter on their cards.
* now that lauren is dressing like an olson twin, i think she and audrina will get along better. it also makes that rumor about her and justin bobby seem not so far fetched.
* i hope lauren gave whitney some tips on how to be the star of a successful reality show. step 1: it is important to never close the door on a potential enemy.


lykke li Youth Novels : why? two reasons: swedish. pop.


Miss Kate said...
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Sproactually said...

I really believe that tetris was a last ditch effort by the soviet union to bring us down, playing mind numbing shape matching games for hours on end on our PC's. Instead of watching the NORAD systems, they hoped we would all be tetrized zombies while they lobbed ICBM's at us.

ICBM's, delivered in 30 minutes of less, or the next one is free.

How's the hand?

Talk With No Thought said...

Elf is freaking hilarious. "I like smiling, smiling's my favorite"

Anonymous said...

i thought the same thing about LC dressing like an Olsen twin. -Fan

Kristabella said...

Justin Bobby has now totally redeemed himself in my eyes, all with one line. When Stephanie and Audrina were wondering about where Spencer and Heidi were and he said "maybe you should put up some posters." IT WAS AWESOME!

christina said...

spro -- hand fine. nail, slightly purple.

TWNT -- that was the line that made me start loving the movie!

k -- i totally forgot about that, but that was pretty funny.

CDP said...

I LOVE Elf. It has Bob Newhart AND Ed Asner. And the mailroom scene is hilarious.