Sunday, November 30, 2008

why ... he looks like an ultrasound! ...

i have spent the past eight days completely off the social grid. although my lack of showering would make it seem like i was completely off the grid. this left me a lot of time to do things like getting over my preconceived notion about elliptical machines being for pussies.

i heard an interview on "all things considered" with emily wells, a young violinist slash hip hop fan on saturday. she totally won me over with a cover of biggie smalls' "juicy." also awesome, fare thee well the requiem mix. it reminds me of something that would be in a modern take on the tv show "fame." she's this violinist who changes things up in the climax of the movie, in my rewrite.


mini garlic naans: i think i've made this before. this particular recipe has the unique quality of being detailed half in metric. i guesstimated in the most literal sense, and these little buggers turned out great.

in other experimental news, i also made a meal i'll call "untitled":
saute extra firm tofu and an onion; add other favorite vegetables like tomatoes and red pepper -- whatever you like currified could be added; apply a can of aroy red curry and let the mess simmer. eat with basmati rice.

Stir of Echoes 1999: kevin bacon stars as a supernatural naysayer, who, after a few beers and a go-round with hypnosis at a neighborhood party, is opened to an otherworldly experience: solving the mystery of the disappearance of a local girl -- a story he hadn't really heard much about, despite the fact that this tight-knit hood spends an inordinate amount of quality time together. whatever. it's terrifying and great. a total on-demand roulette score.

Roadside Prophets 1992: got it: just because adam horowitz was my favorite beastie boy in 1992 doesn't mean that a movie starring the zitty adolescent known as ad-rock is going to send me in a tiger beat magazine frenzy. no, this is pure crap. also, john cusack pops up -- the only decent moment in this wickedly shitty flick. i can only hope this film doesn't appear on his resume.

The Fifth Element 1997: hmm ... willie wonka meets die hard and zoolander and parties in space. milla jovovich is fantastic, in a way i never thought possible when she was the face of seventeen magazine.

My Cousin Vinny : my lunar cycle threw some jabby elbows; i got weepy at the end of this movie.

An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England: A Novel
by brock clarke: Life lesson learned about myself while reading this book: I prefer my slapstick humor visually served up by Leslie Nielsen, as opposed to in book form, like this.

for full review here.

Weeds - Season Two : just as good as season one. better than season three

Weeds - Season Three : as i fully documented, 20-something episodes of this show can make a person go a little batshitcrazy, what with the theme song and all. also made me want to drink frapuccinos. still decent, but not as quirky and funny as the previous two season.

The L Word - Seasons 1-5 : in the two best episodes of this solid season, the gang gets completely wasted at jenny schector's house party, and in the other, there is a black out. songs that need to be downloaded from this season:

"i want you back" by jackson five
"goodbye" by asobi sksu
"spoon me" by ohm
"kiss me deadly" by lita ford
"all the girls" by costanza
"swimming pool" by freezepop
"white laughter" by heartthrobs


here is the zak bagans screen shot of the week, from a moment where he hears an unexplained noise. he looks like an ultrasound. i think zak bagans is to 2009 what tori spelling was to 2008. at least on this web site.

"ghost adventures": in this week's episode, zak bagans, his two-man posse and one strange pair of mc hammer pants travel to edinburg to spend some time in the haunted vaults beneath the city. the boyz spend from sundown to sun up trying to rile "mr. boots" a tyrant landlord who may have killed a prostitute. before the lockdown even begins, bagans tries to warn mr. boots that they are going to be in his space tryin' to make him mad.

lots of cold, hard breezes; the sound of a woman singing; and a teddy bear that moves inexplicably. i'm not sure how long this show can last without anything supernatural actually happening besides goatee'd cameraman aaron growling "duuuuuude!" and close up terror faces, night-vision shots up bagans' nose.

but i may be underestimating the audience, as recent google hits to my site have included:

"zak bagans"
"zak bagans workout"
"zak bagans nude"
"zak bagans tattoos"
"tell me about zak bagans tattoos"

so ... he has fans, that's for sure. i'm still loving this show, but seriously. i need at least a creepy shadow and soon.


Kristabella said...

Is that the episode where the ghost hunter guy pokes the other dude in the face because they can't see each other in the dark? I saw a clip of that on The Soup and I laughed for days.

christina said...

yes, that's exactly the sort of thing that happens on ghost adventures.
i recommend spending your friday night in front of it.

diatribes and dish said...

i love elliptical machines, and, yes, i'm a pussy. or at least my knees are. so much less jarring than a tready.

DebRah said...

I hate the elliptical and it hates me. There's no future for us.

Anonymous said...

That is a fantastic screen shot!

This is a great show and I have dedicated a page to all of their information! Visit and add your blog link!

Anonymous said...

i love ghost adventures precisely for these reasons. i am so glad someone loves to make fun of these dooooods as much as i do. wicked awesome.