Tuesday, November 25, 2008

some things you should know so we understand each other better ...

i have been camping, for the past two days, in the dark bedroom watching seasons 2 & 3 of "weeds"
1) this is about 27 episodes;
2) while an extremely clever show, this has the worst theme song of any tv show on the planet. by about the eighth viewing i was ruing the lack of sharp objects in my nightstand that would both fit into my ear and hit the itchy part of my brain
a) okay. there may be a few theme songs that are worse: "married with children" is the only one we could think of right off, though.

this has inspired some very strange dreams, including:
1) i'm living in a very cool apartment with jcrew and can hear her on the phone with her sister complaining loudly that i'm a slob;
2) chuck and i have a pet bulldog, although i can't remember when we got it. i walk through the apartment finding urine stains and poop piles and thinking "who walks this dog?" eventually i say to him "will you make a list of our pets for me?"

when it became obvious that we were losing our minds with all this "weeds", we went to dinner last night at the new scenic:

1) tallegio fondue
2) egg and asparagus sandwich
3) bites of chuck's squash ravioli
4) the inability to control myself in the face of this great food. i spent the next four hours waddling and moaning. and when i say i felt like i was going to give birth to a fondue baby, please know that i used to say that sort of thing before it was in the movie "juno" and it was funny. but now it's just a movie quote. diablo cody=blog funsucker.


nanners said...

wait until you get through the last season of weeds. you will think it's the best and most clever show ever. i can't even delete it from my DVR.

DebRah said...

i gotta see this show.....why am i so behind on the important things?

Perfectly Shelly said...

My work is cracking down on internet usage.

I MISS my daily you!!!

yeah, I could visit you at night, but I'm usually too tied up with the tee vee......

Beret said...

I think the Golden Girls had a worst theme song, especially in the early seasons where they played the whole thing.

E Chuod said...

I always make sure to watch Weeds when I'm in hotels. (Too cheap to actually pay for it at home) I'm scared to rent the whole season DVD's.