Monday, November 10, 2008

crystal gayle+cousin itt=coat ...

this guy came walking toward me tonight wrapped in a fur coat. like a fur-fur coat. the kind of thing susan lucci would wear. like he was trapped in antarctica and had skinned cousin itt and crystal gayle's love child. he looked like a total muppet.

then i noticed he was also carrying the hanger.

which begs the question, why?
spontaneous purchase at usa foxx and furs?
"would you like a bag, sir?"
"nah, i'll just wear it."
"but sir! your hanger!"
"gimme that."

or maybe he worked in the coat check at the harbor view ballroom and had just been berated for hanging something the wrong direction.
"screw this," he says, "i quit."
he rips the nearest coat off the bar. it just happens to be the skins of a thousand chincillas.
"and i'm taking this with me," in his haste he doesn't realize he has also taken the hanger. he keeps it as a weapon, lest the monied blue hair tries to track him down.

maybe he just signed a major record deal, and was going to celebrate at the top of the harbor restaurant, which is -- in his circles -- known for its inferior hangers.


life lesson: running clothes in a cold car equal chilly spandex covering those chilly parts spandex covers.


Beverly said...

Wow! He must have looked pretty funny to inspire you so.

Whiskeymarie said...

I'm not sure why or even who this would specifically be, but I am guessing that I probably know this guy.
How sad for me.

Natalie said... i must know why your blog is named blah, blah, blah-ler. i get the blah parts, but that plural?

Kristabella said...

Um, maybe the hanger was to beat off the PETA protesters?