Tuesday, October 21, 2008

units of measurement ...

seeds. unrelated to anything.

i was trying to figure out how long it had been since i had gone for a run when the guy who works the desk in the ymca cardio center walked in with a full, beasty flannel shirt and hunting shack looking beard.

"huh," i thought. "that long."

i now apparently measure increments of time in the facial-hair growth of the strangers who have the unfortunate luck of being in the line of sight from my treadmill.

also, in the time it takes to grow one full-length beard, i can completely nullified any running progress i may or may not have made in my life. instead of encouraging me, today girl talk mocked me.


Mojito said...

Don't feel bad.
I was actually told by my running coach that "Some people aren't meant to be runners."
Meaning me.
I paid you tons-o-money to tell me I suck.

matt said...

Thanks for linking to the Girl Talk page. I had completely forgotten that you could download his new album and choose what to pay (meaning nothing).

Kristabella said...

I want pumpkin seeds now. Thanks.

Also, what is up with this new-fangled commenting thing-a-mah-jigger?

Mojito said...

I've been forced to tag you. I deeply apologize. There was a gun involved. Well, not a gun so much as peer pressure. Thank you for your time...