Friday, October 24, 2008

operation internal clock ...

for the past nine days i have gotten out of bed before 9:30 a.m. it is -- above all else -- a social experiment to see what i am like as a person who functions during standard hours of operation. well, standard-ish.

while i am still awake for approximately the same amount of hours as i was when i went to bed at 4-5 a.m., reconfiguring my time has made me crab-by.

1. i've gotten three parking tickets in two weeks. this is not because i don't understand the process of plugging a meter. i'm pretty sure that the parking enforcer is watching me. pure hubris? maybe. but i ran into a store today, spun around when i remembered i'd forgotten to plug my meter, and by the time i got back to my car i had another ticket. i have one word:


2. i'm not sure when to go for a run. running would alleviate some of the metaphorical bongo blood clots from my brain, and not running makes them more acute. but when? WHEN!? no time seems right. i like to run when its dark. when it's dark i make dinner during the time deemed "dinner-time" in most american households. then i'm tired.

3. it took me less than three days of this experiment to become incredibly regular.

4. i've also taken to deleting large chunks of material from my google reader with nary a glance at the tumblr blogs. surprisingly, this has made my limited time online much more enjoyable.

my friend the rockstar amy abts told me that you can be, scientifically, a night person. it has something to do with a lobe. you can't change a lobe, man. you just can't.


Krupskaya said...

I'm sure the meter readers were thrilled to find you. They've been kind of bored since I resigned. Also: Pay those mofos on time -- they like the report them to a credit agency pretty darn quickly. Uh, so I've heard. Don't mind me as I single-handedly fund St. Louis County's retirement contract.

Amy said...

the scientific term for it is having a late circadian clock or something. i'll have to review my notes.