Monday, October 13, 2008

gusts of stale wapatooli ...

probably the most fun i had all week occurred from 3:30-4:30 a.m. sunday morning, when we all crammed ourselves onto the top bunk of a bunk bed in the central hillside. about half the time was spent shoving handfuls of popcorn down jcrew's shirt. i think at the height of the frivolity, we probably had more than 750 pounds of friends in this party loft. on this particular night, i tossed out the rules of mixing and sampled the following:

captain morgan
red wine
white wine
homebrewed beer

and when jcrew showed up at 2 p.m. to take me to brunch at luce, i chased her out of the apartment, grunting and bedheaded, weezing gusts of the stale wapatooli.

as for the rest of the week:


Ghost (AKA: Ryeong)2005: this is a sort of mismash of mean girls and 'the ring.' my inner 14-year-old korean girl loved it. but the 32 year old nonkorean girl thought it was a little confusing, very derivative and not at all scary.

Son of Rambow [Theatrical Release] 2007: will is from a religious sect with no room for pop culture and accidentally sees a pirated copy of "first blood." he draws up a script for a story about the son of rambow [sic] and another misfit -- a naughty misfit -- films it. has a great side storyline about a french foreign exchange student. set in the 80s, with plenty of cure and depeche mode playing in the background. completely cute.

"nick and norah's infinite playlist" (2008): i like that the trend in teen movies is less stoners and swimsuited busty chicks, and more music fans and hoodies. [although, like chuck said, this is actually a movie for people in their 30s.] this is the 'say anything' of 2008. and michael cera's character has a cure ringtone. sa-weet.

"financial crisis takes its toll on already squeezed cities": well lookee loo! we made the news!

"that 60s show": radar online guide to "mad men." hypothesises that this show is "the wire" of 2008 and don draper is this year's omar.

macy's passport celebrity catwalk: truth. i only watched less than half of this inane crap hosted by tor-tor in which jerry springer, etc., learned how to be a runway model for a fashion show. i have some pretty serious thoughts about the direction of tori's career right now ... she seems very shaky and fragile and not half as funny as she really is. on a side note, she and i are both suffering from undereye baggage at the same time, so we have that in common.

slacker. this week i read two essays, neither which i've finished yet. when i want to read words on a computer screen, i read:

this. a rolling stone piece from 2000 about seven days on the road with john mccain.

when i want to have a book in my hands, i read the essay about the cruise ship.

all of this is on the backburner, because my life is being ripped away chunk by chunk by this book.


diatribes and dish said...

Interesting .... but what I really want to know is what and where did you eat? What can I say, I'm food-motivated.

christina said...

falafel from lake avenue cafe and it was perfect. although, highly documented on these here pages. i don't know how they manage to make it in a way that the outside is done well, but the inside still has flavor. and the whole meal is exactly enough food where i don't have to take my pants off, but i don't need tiramisu.