Wednesday, October 29, 2008

facebook knows ...

[a late afternoon phone call with fannie mcfanster]

fannie: blah blah i made a grilled brie, blue cheese and apple sandwich.
me: yum! i made falafel last night. i'll probably just have that again.
fannie: oh, yeah, i saw that chuck was eating falafel.
me: ???
fannie: he mentioned it in his facebook status.
me: did he say if there was any left?


Beverly said...

I'm eating Ramen noodles now thanks to you. Or maybe *thanks* to you, 'cause they're yummy.

Anonymous said...

who needs a phone anymore, really? - fan

kristabella said...

I get so used to these things, like people reading my blog, that if they don't I get mad that I have to tell the story again. Half the time I'm like "full of snark dot com. Bookmark it."

debby said...

ok that's hilarious