Monday, September 15, 2008

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creamy herbed potato soup, from moosewood restaurant daily special cookbook: i'm obviously pushing the soup season a little early, considering we're still sleeping with a fan in the window. this is pureed and the addition of neufchatel gives it a smooth, whipped consistancy. mine turned a little green because i accidentally flooded it with dill.


takk for maten, salmon and havarti sandwich on grilled lefsa: henceforth all sandwiches should be wrapped in lefsa, which is potato flatbread pliant enough to origami into a salmon holder. this sandwich was pasted together with havarti. it was so good. it tasted like a gourmet sandwich that should cost twice as much as it did. the potato salad was so smooth it looked like a mound of sour cream with small chunks of baby reds and dill.
i went back a few days later for turkey, gouda and egg on lefsa and it was equally awesome. this new norwegian cafe is really cute and really comfortable and in a really good location and is so perfectly duluth. go there.

"smithereens" 1982: susan berman stars as a frizzy hair frazzled screecher who is trying to climb into the music industry in anklettes paired with high heels. "i just want to sit next to a pool and sign autographs," she muses in one her one contemplative moment of this cinematic disaster. while she's stalking a local musician, a self-described sketch artist who lives in a van has developed unrequited love for her based on a two minute subway ride where he watched her paste photocopied pictures of herself to the wall, using mustard as glue. the musician abuses her, she abuses van man. musician steals her money and moves to LA; van man sells his van to a pimp. our heroine wanders the streets of new york with two shopping bags filled with her belongings, an 8-inch tv set and a pair of red converse high tops. this is the worst movie i've ever seen, although it seems to have influenced "desperately seeking susan," which is far from the worst movie i've ever seen.

"fierce people" 2005: this time we won at on-demand roulette, scoring the greatest movie i'd never heard of and sparking an interest running for president of the donald sutherland fan club. it's one of those "coming of age" stories about a 15-year-old boy and his mom and a summer spent among rich people and is very light and john irviney -- right down to the adult male with a situation in his nethers. then, suddently, the entire movie shifts into something completely different and tragic and horrifying. but this is so good. i highly recommend this movie. plus, it's nice to see that the girl from the jodie foster movie "panic room" advanced beyond that awkward gender neutral skateboarder look.

"one tree hill": this show defies the logic of television in two ways: a) every episode feels longer than an hour. because b) something ALWAYS happens. it's never just a filler episode. someone always gets mugged or dies or ends up shackled to a bed, held captive by a sexy albeit psychotic nanny. this is the second straight week that i've actually wept for these sassy 20-somethings.

"america's next top model": this is only my third season watching ANTM -- although it is admittedly the highlight of my week in tv. but are they taking mtv real world castoffs this season or what? this season could be called "america's next top infection." poor tyra.

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