Tuesday, September 23, 2008

things i ate after school while watching three's company ...

i grew up in a house where the only decent snack food was hidden in my parent's walk in closet. thin mint girl scout cookies that my dad inventoried and only ate behind the locked door.

and so i was forced to be creative:

1. a stack of saltines with a stack of an even amount of cheddar cheese, sliced with thread
2. a stack of saltine, spread with country crock butter
3. saltines topped with a chewed saltine [true story]
4. ruffled potato chips topped with sandwich pickles
5. ruffled potato chips with a dip made from dried lipton soup mix and sour cream
6. vanilla ice cream topped with dry nestle quick chocolate
7. plain rice krispies with nestle quick chocolate
8. nestle quick chocolate mixed with graham cracker crumbs
9. graham crackers topped with wet powdered sugar

not just one of the above, but all of the above, every day.

i thought of this tonight while spreading peanut butter on baby carrots, then eating saltines with butter. then, still hungry, scavenging through the pantry for something i could dump on top of polenta. anything. curry gravy? tomato sauce? my only options were northern beans, jam, oatmeal or a can of black olives.


Beret said...

Oh...my...god. I love this entry. I used to park myself in front of Three's Company after school too. My mom was a teacher so we had about 45 minutes of "latchkey" time before she came in and made us go out to play. On rainy days Three's Company lapsed into the Jeffersons and then 3-2-1 Contact.

We (my sister and I) had to be pretty creative with our snacks too. I used to eat

~Doritos dipped in a bowl of Open Pit barbecue sauce

~saltines with cream cheese spread on top

~ a Cheeze-it sandwich which was made with chewed up Cheeze Its put between 2 unchewed Cheeze Its (true story!)

~and if I was craving something sweet there was always the recipe for "dough". Flour, sugar, water and chocolate chips all mixed together. Delish!

Beret said...

Oh, and I used to eat Nestle Quick right out of the can with a spoon.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Nothing is better than saltines with cold butter. MMMMMM

diatribes and dish said...

use the beans and black olives. dump that on top of polenta, and you've got yourself some nouveau cuisine.

CDP said...

Oh how I used to LOVE buttered saltines. My sister and I also used to buy two Hershey bars and spread a thick layer of peanut butter on one and make a sandwich. We weighed about 75 pounds combined.

Anonymous said...

saltines with either

(a)mustard or
(b)heinz 57



Whiskeymarie said...

I totally put Quik on ice cream and ate saltines with butter too.
I also liked:
*toast with hot chocolate
*potato chips with ketchup
*graham crackers with chocolate chips melted on them
*butter and sugar on white bread

Truth be told, I agree with Shelly. I love saltines with butter still.

Anonymous said...

Peanut butter on carrots?????????

Miss Kate said...

I had my aunt Joyce's recipe for sugar cookie icing (powdered sugar, butter, vanilla, milk) and made that on a regular basis. Saltines were a staple too - was that a universal 80s thing? We never ever had potato chips in the house, which is probably why I still can demolish a bag of Kettle Bakes in one week. Deprived!

Beverly said...

are you pregnant?