Friday, September 26, 2008

portrait of overcaffination ...

look at my crazy eyes!

i'm no chemist. and when my life finds me alone in a room with a pot of coffee, i struggle with when-to-say-when and frequently end up in an agitated state of spazzy. today, after ranting about 10 different topics between the ghetto spur and central entrance, i heard myself quacking maniacally and thought: what's with the crazies?

i stopped myself my rhetorical thought and said to chuck "oh yeah. i drank nine cups of coffee. ... i should learn how to fly a helicopter."

this was the kind of overdose that made me wish i at least had a trampoline.


Sproactually said...

My what big eyes you have.

Can you get Ben and Jerrys ice cream at cub foods?? A little coffee coffee, buzz buzz should put you over the top.

Whiskeymarie said...

That was me yesterday after 47 cups of tea and 14 diet cokes.

We should coordinate these days so that we can start a girl band, a gymnastics team, or something.

Beverly said...

The venti frappacino does that to me. One day the guy said, "you know, we can make these with espresso, too" and I said no thanks.