Monday, September 22, 2008

most domesticated stunt to date ...

last week a cockroach tried to jump into a pair of ballet flats and i saw a rat that would wrestle in the same weight class as toonses. then we got back from new york, and stood in the streets yelling "hello-hello-hello!" and sometimes went for entire walks without seeing another human.

also, i pulled my most domesticated stunt to date:
1. found pile of old cooking magazines
2. exacto-knifed out the good recipes i'd tried and the ones i thought i might want to make.
3. slid recipes into a transparent folder, and clipped it into a 3-ring binder.
4. started conjuring big ideas involving color-coding with post-it stickies.
5. laid down on the couch with a damp wash cloth across my forehead.

as for the rest of the week:


sausage and peppers with crispy polenta [via]: this isn't the healthiest food i've ever made in my life. and aside from my first go-round with polenta, it's not necessarily interesting. but it tastes good and it's easy.

MEALS TAKEN IN PUBLIC [outside of new york trip]

burrito union: i've got this baby honed to perfection: one fisted bean and rice, hold the rice. black beans. lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. spicy sauce, the spiciest in the house, and seasoned sour cream. this week i added a fitgers' root beer and was only disappointed because chuck ordered their special cream soda with was a perfect thick-tasting not-thick drink. i should have had that. although ... the root beer was a nice runner up. anyway, i always write about this burrito, but don't usually get the photo.

note: we went back the next day after a long walk for a cold cream soda. "pint or 22 ouncer?" the bartender asked. we went with matching 22s and both ended up laid up for upward of 45 minutes in sheer delicious agony. "i feel like i ate all my halloween candy in one sitting," chuck said.

let this be a lesson to those who heed my food advice.

rosemary's" baby, 1968: mia farrow stars as rosemary woodhouse, a wispy waif of a daddy-complex married to a somewhat employed actor. unbeknownst to rosemary, he has taken up with a gang of satanists and has allowed the devil to impregnate his wife in exchange for a decent role. the prenatal care for raising healthy satan-spawn is a wicked brew of smelly herbs and a whack-job witch doctor who tells rosemary that it's okay to weigh 76 pounds in her second trimester. only after rosemary chops her hair so she looks like robert redford's third-grade class picture, do her nondevilworshipping friends begin to suspect something is off. naturally, they are killed off to avoid blocking the birth of pure evil. so. damn. fantastic.

jumper, 2008: hayden christenson stars as david rice, a 20-something with the ability to teletransport himself from one end of the couch to the side closer to the remote control. this ability lands him in a bank safe, where he fills bags with bundles of money so that he can lope around like a trust-funder and sneer at the poor. meanwhile, he's got it bad, and has had it bad since he was 5-years-old, for rachel bilson -- who is no summer roberts. she uses a slack jaw and wide eyes to nonverbally indicate that she knows he is up to something and she doesn't approve.

smart people, 2008: if the current trend stands, it seems that ellen page is going to continue playing the role of 'juno' in various incarnations for the rest of her life. or at least until she learns inflection. in this movie, she is juno as a young republican. it's actually a pretty cute movie that answers the question: whatever happened to lowell mather?

"the hills": more and more, it becomes obvious that lauren and heidi's most complicated romantic relationships will always be with each other. that thing with spencer is a blip in comparison. lauren uses her black fingernails to claw at heidi's inner circle and relishes the opportunity to chew demurely on her straw and concede to heidi's sister/spencer's sister/the viewing public that she misses heidi. then she collects information about her former best friend, scrapbooking it in her brain.

lauren is the quintessential jilted lover who facebook stalks her exboyfriend and then befriends his new girlfriend.

then, when she accidentally runs into heidi, she rolls her eyes and pretends to hate her. they are the new ross and rachel.

"america's next top model": kudos to isis for getting through the swimsuit episode with a little too much here and not enough there.

"one tree hill": the nanny carrie kidnaps dan scott story line seems to have been written by a telenovella addicted summer intern. meanwhile, the rest of the show seems to have been written by the guy who makes my drunken noodles at thai krathong, because this show is inducing a similar amount of snot and tears.

"gossip girl": seriously. at the end of every episode i think: so wait. are dan and serena together or not? i can never tell.

"the wind-up bird chronicle" by haruki murakami: … and with that, my top five books of all time has to be reconfigured. mostly, reading this book feels like leaving the house early on a sunday morning for a long walk to nowhere in particular. veering off to kick a pile of leaves, grabbing a cup of coffee from a cafe, stumbling into an alley and staring at a garage door for an hour. falling asleep on a park bench and waking up unsure of the surroundings. spinning a circle with your eyes closed, then trying to walk home.

In a good way.

full review here.

READING THE INTERNET [cuz that's what i do]
"10 books not to read before you die" [via]: on naomi wolf's "beauty myth": I don’t know if Naomi is a genuine academic – I couldn’t be arsed to Google her – if she is, she is probably Emeritus Professor of the bleeding obvious. he also refers to hunter s. thompson as a tosspot. if you think i am not going to incorporate that word into my daily wordage, you don't know me very well.


CDP said...

"Rosemary's Baby" is STILL one of the all-time scariest movies ever. I was, of course, pregnant the first time I saw it.

Flenker said...

really glad you like the Murakami. And this Burrito Union place sounds quite interesting, may be worth a trip to check it out. Yes, I've been known to make whole vacations surrounding a burrito. The sausage and peppers dish looks amazing, I may have to try that one out myself.

Miss Kate said...

OK, you've lapped me again - this time on the recipe folder thing! I have had two years worth of "Cooking Light" sitting on a spare table. I keep telling myself its a winter project, but somehow TV and vodka are always more appealing. Hmmm.

Clare said...

Didn't Sideways answer the "Whatever happened to Lowell Mather?" question?