Tuesday, September 16, 2008

live from new york ...

so chuck and i are in new york city right now. manhattan to be precise. we're roaming the streets and drinking too much, just like we do in duluth except that here we sometimes fall into a pocket of space where everyone is speaking russian, spanish, french, or japanese.

we got here yesterday evening, walked around a bit, ate the worst food i've ever tasted and then at 9 p.m. considered going to sleep. but we powered through: no sleep the previous night? pshaw! go out! it's new york!
"lets have two drinks to celebrate being here and then come back to the hotel," chuck suggested.

we had about 90 drinks, made bffs with some locals and we must have come home at some point ... although i don't remember it specifically but i did wake up in my bed. at like 1:30. then i went back to bed. until 4:30. what a waste. oid. wasteoid.

1) just because it's a restaurant, in new york, doesn't mean your entree won't be disgusting.
2) hey. in the dark, that dresser looks like a toilet.
3) chuck is a navigational expert. like, seriously.
4) just because a bar stays open until 4 a.m. doesn't mean you should take last call.
5) central park is for lovers. and batshit crazy squirrels.
6) nothing unhinges repressed catholicism like st. patrick's cathedral. it smells just like st. pius x.
7) i should have worn my other shoes.
8) 24 hour korean market = happy cheese, bagal, banana and gatorade party.
9) sometimes a margarita costs 17 dollars and still tastes like a 5 dollar margarita.


Sproactually said...

So, like how long will you be in the city????

Some of us actually like live in New York (State) but have access to a vast rail network that can deposit us in Midtown.

debby said...

I heart ny. And their $17 drinks (sorta).

jdennis115 said...

You should try Coyote Ugly while you are in New York. Fun place to see a lot of crazy people.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you are so close to Boston! Next time you guys have to come for a visit! Have a great time in NYC!!

-Red Lipstick

christina said...

we leave tomorrow. just a quick little mini trip. but we'll be back.

Kristabella said...

I have learned lesson #4 over and over at the 4 AM bars in Chicago. It is never a good idea.