Thursday, September 25, 2008

if that's what you just know ...

today i was at cub foods when i saw two college aged girls obviously doing their first "oh look we buy our own groceries" trip. they examined everything and said things like:

"do we need a cheese grater?"
"should i get some lean cuisines ... ugh. no processed food" then quickly shuffling away, cart teeming with frozen pizzas.

they stopped next to a display with pickles.
"are kosher pickles like real pickles?" one asked.
the other gave a resigned shrug and said "i have no idea. i don't even know what kosher means."
"i just know it means unclean," the first one responded. "i guess i don't need pickles."

i did not correct her. maybe that's what you learn sophomore year.


Perfectly Shelly said...

Aren't youth fabulous? While standing in line in our office cafeteria, where the grill (fried) special was 'The Whaler Fish Sandwich and Fries', a couple of youngsters were behind me, and one of them said "I don't think it is really whale....."

Yeah.......that's our future.

abbersnail said...

I love the college years, when people are learning to feed themselves. It cracks me up to no end. I think back to that time of my life and absolutely cringe.

Beverly said...

"unclean pickles." ho boy.