Thursday, August 28, 2008

what would jason bateman do ...

birthday week is in full throttle, and i'm having a hard time deciding what i want to do on my very special night.

the rock star amy abts and i were going to have the kind of conjoined birthday that requires surgery, a shared spleen and the learning channel to separate. but we've not been in communicado and i now suspect her birthday has passed without the sweet sweet taste of a ginger margarita.

i've always prefered a microphone to birthday cake and chuck just realized that he can sing "easy" by lionel ritchie. what better gift than the gift of karaoke? plus, as you know, i have the voice of an angel: in the key of stevie nicks.

hairball is playing at mr. d's and if i'm not planning on wearing leather pants, i'd like someone on a stage to be doing so. but there is a $7 cover, and i'm not convinced my friends think that me+hairball=$7.

there is always the old standby: pick a bar, tell your friends, receive them graciously and try not to barf on anyone's shoes. this can be hit or miss, though.

and, finally, my birthday week coincides with pride fest so there will be parades and boas and a drag show in superior. that means i can wear a dress and blush and maybe finish second place to a truck driver with smooth legs and high cheek bones.

last year i got lucky. it was the final night before the red lion closed and the black labels played. aside from a bad touch from what i'm assuming was a convict -- my bad, shouldn't have worn that skirt below the latitude of applebees -- highlights included a free jesus & mary chain t'shirt taken right off the manorexic skin of a local scenester and chuck ordering a 6-pack, case included, and carrying it around the bar passing out bottles like they were tootsie rolls. last year i had so much fun that i decided that every year a bar would close on my birthday, and i would be there to help them deplete the stock. actually i decided that every year i would go to the fun instead of hoping the fun came to me.

last night i had a dream that jason bateman and i were singing karaoke together. some sort of duet and we sounded out of our heads fantastic. my voice was strong and aretha-like. i think i cupped my right ear as we belted it out, probably something i learned from the "we are the world" video. "i can't wait to see this scene in the movie," i thought.

maybe jason bateman is tryng to tell me: karaoke!

anyway, i expect to see all of you there. wherever there is.


Miss Kate said...

This week I had a dream that you and I were roller skating down Superior Street after dark and we met up with Taco at some random bar. He was also wearing roller skates. So maybe Christa's birthday should be on roller skates?

Or not.

Anyway. Happy (Early) Birthday!!!!!

feistyMNgirl said...

holy crap i love karoake. was just signing at Builders for a bachelorette party 2 weeks ago- we rocked the gloria gaynor.

advice: avoid the pre-packaged jell-o shots. blech.