Monday, August 18, 2008

oh my burning okra ...

probably the worst idea i had this past week was to walk back to my car the afternoon following a night out at mr. d's in west duluth. i live in the east. i did some math and decided it was five miles. i walk to my car all the time [when i go to quinlan's ... less than two miles away.] why not?

the h's:
hot [90 degrees on one sign]
hungry [i'd last eaten around 3 a.m. -- a pantry roullette creation involving okra, kidney beans and curry on toast that was so delicious my mouth almost fainted. but looking at that clumpy mess in the light of day sent me reeling toward the bathroom]
hungover [thus, the car in west duluth]

it ended up being six miles and took an hour, 40 minutes. i'm not sure why it is that running six miles is easier than walking six miles. i do know that i was emitting kernals of sand from my body instead of sweat.

and other things from last week:

"coed call girl" 1996: tori stars as johanna, a humorless premed college student who has no time for fun, between her parttime job at a bakery, incessant studying, and flirtation with the longhair from seventh heaven. she is lured into the glamourous gowns, beach parties, dates with celebrated authors and 400 dollar paychecks of the escorting business. it deviates from sexy to sleezy quickly, and she tries to get out of the business. no dice, says her pimp. and it all ends in gun fire.


green gazpacho: obviously i'm on a gazpacho kick that rivals the rhubarb kick of earlier this summer. the problem with gazpacho: pureeing 20 dollars worth of veggies seems as wasteful as juicing 20 dollars worth of produce. chuck thinks i should just drink V8. this was good for about two bites, and then i got grossed out by the texture. then i dished it off on a robber.


fitgers brewhouse: the brewhouse's beau burger remains my one exception to the "i don't really get into barbeque" rule. this burger has cheddar cheese, handfuls of fresh onions and just a few brush strokes of tangy bbq. with beer battered fries and a root beer that was surprisingly not that hot.


Beverly said...

Long before I met him, Jon got stuck at the end of Park Point when his car broke down, and he walked home in the middle of the night back to Proctor. At least your journey was by choice, even if you miscalculated the length/heat/hunger factors.

Beret said...

Co-ed Callgirl was so awesome. It really made me feel like I could be tricked into a life of prostitution at any time.

Sproactually said...

How many movies and shows is Tori Spelling in anyway?

Whiskeymarie said...

Try the green gazpacho recipe on from June 2000- it's really good (it has sherry vinegar in it. Yum.). Also the Grilled tomato-bell pepper gazpacho from Aug '07 is pretty delicious too.

You seem to eat weird combinations of food a lot, like I do. Glad I'm not the only one.