Sunday, August 31, 2008

i'm taking attendance ...

i have a tendency to preparty.
it harkens back to when i lived with fannie.
but ... i get excited about turning 33!
33 is a nice number. and every number since i've hit 30 has been fan-friggin-tastic.


1. chuck got us an old school wii controller and super mario brothers
2. a new bar opened in our neighborhood with a great view of the lake. i was litarally inside for 14 seconds. the rest of the time, i spent shouting to people who were not on this fantastic deck overlooking the lake and wandering on the lakewalk. kudos, rex. [rex is the name of the new tap room. kate b., totally thinking of you the whoooole time.]

1. may be a little hung over for the birthday singalone ... but will survive.

OH by the way:

if you are reading this, you are invited to builder's saloon tonight at 9 p.m. for my birthday party slash amy abts' birthday party. she's on antibiotics so she can't drink, but if you want to give her a gift, i've heard she likes camel lites. and cat accessories. and guitars. and ROCKING!

1. an ice cream cake. god bless america, there is no better food. i prefer an ice cream cake to everything you can conjure. even dorito flavored jalopino poppers.
2. A GROWLER OF WILDFIRE BEEEEEER!! yes. drinking it right now.
3. missoni perfume. I SMELL SO DAMN GOOD! i keep making chuck smell me. i smell like fresh air and a party. thank you jesus. thank you chuck.
4. an ID case from urban outfitters. "for your id" chuck keep saying. but it looks like a cigarette case to me. he must not have gotten the memo about me quitting when i turn 33. oh well. hate to waste this pretty, pretty thing.

if you are reading this, i expect to see you sunday night. i don't care if you live in poughkeepsie; or where valley fair lives ... you get here. you put on a happy face. you sing a tom petty song. i'm taking attendance.


Sproactually said...

Its a 20 hour drive per google..

Driving directions to Duluth, MN
1,278 mi – about 20 hours 39 mins

Or about 1900 bucks on Northworst.

So, I guess this year I'll have to pass, but now I know what to do next labor day weekend.

However, if you ever find your self in the northeast, the drinks are on me.

Beret said...

I live a half hour out of Poughkeepsie. Sorry I couldn't make it. I hope you had a fabulous time.

debby said...

I so wish I lived closer! have a great time and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Miss Kate said...

How can you NOT preparty on a long weekend? My advice is to eat some refried black beans with lime juice today. They always cure my hangovers.

Now this deck - is it a level down from Baja Billy's? Or is it to the side of Baja's? I am so intrigued.

But did they get the gonorrhea off of the floor? Because I'm pretty sure something akin to that was brewing at the ol' Clap Room. Also, did they find my dignity? I left it there a few years ago. Ah! The memories!

Thanks for thinking of me!

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday! valleyfair is holding me hostage. Just kidding, I have to spend today fasting and not moving in preparation for tomorrows Family State Fair adventure.

Sing some Rolling Stones for me!

chuck said...

They didn't scrape the VD off the floor -- they just carpeted over it.

Angie said...


Damn! I am SOOOOO close to Duluth right now but currently can't walk due to overexerting myself hiking and biking today. Apparently my body thinks going from practically zero exercise to four hours of hiking and biking in one day is too much to handle. I don't understand what the problem is.

I hope you have fun celebrating!

Whiskeymarie said...

I sang loudly in my car on the drive home from Duluth last night, in your honor.
Happy belated b-day, karaoke girl. Hope you're not in too much pain today...

diatribes and dish said...

damn ... i just read this now (three days after the big event). hope you had fun!