Sunday, August 24, 2008

hey! i can make girl friends! ...

i rarely meet people i immediately like. let alone immediately love. espcially when it comes to women. but we've known n-dawg for awhile, and i've met his wife once. tonight i went apeshit all over her. [they live two blocks from us! who better to be couple friends!]

she's hilarious! very dry sense of humor that is working overtime in a great way and cute as hell. she could kill you with her sarcasm, and i kind of hope she does. "i don't really like people," she confided. and that was the deal breaker. if this were our first date, i'd be humping her on michigan street.

she introduced me to her bff -- a feisty red head -- and we were all madly in love. turns out i can make girl friends. i was just waiting for the right ones to come along. she and christin [you don't exchange proper spelling at bars] are going to teach me how to knit socks for chuck even though it's hard ... weeeee! i love this photo montage:

i'm hoping this wasn't some drunken exchange and that we can all, later, girl out together. this was fantastic! chuck talked to n-dawg with an amused smile. i think he think he saw the sun explode.

girl friends! weeeeeee!


debby said...

Yea, fun!!

Miss Kate said...

Hey! Cute hair color, lady!