Monday, August 11, 2008

favorite words equal: swedish. pop. duo ...

did you know that chocolate soy milk has the same medicinal charge as a fudgey, chunky peanut butter something blizzard when you are staring down pms?

in other news ...

psychic stunts: swedish. pop. duo. my three favorite words when it comes to music. i can't remember how i found this band. reading blogs, following links, off-roading. but i lost the site that said those three magic words and couldn't remember what they were called ... what a mess. they had already made my ears tingle. anyway, more off-roading and i found them again and i am in sweet swedish pop duo heaven.

ep "101 pick up lines" is free for the internet taking. at take it! take it! the song that seems to have the most popularity potential is 'speaker's block' but i actually like all four pretty equally.

a great moments in lyric from 'last bottle lost battle': i'm the king, i'm the king of funny voices, i can immatate john mcenroe as some guy from mexico. it's a shame no one cares for funny voices anymore.

"death of a cheerleader" 1994: part of lifetime's fallen angel week, this dramatization of a true story stretches spelling's acting muscles as she takes on the role of a bitchy popular girl stacy lockwood who says things to the robert smith-like goth classmate like "hey monica? did you forget your broom? move along. we don't feed strays."

costars kellie martin [no relation to donna martin] as angela, a dorky yearbook staffer with a girl-crush on stacy lockwood.

a lesser lifetime movie network fan may be fooled into thinking that stacy lockwood will be stabbed -- no spoiler, this is the first scene -- by the misfit monica, who frequently tourrettes things like "i hate you stacy lockwood!" but i knew all along it was that creepy angela, who mused to her sister "have you ever just wanted to be someone else?" and not just because i had seen this movie 18 years ago. and not because angela's sister left a knife in the car. no, because in lifetime movies if you want to be someone else, you stab them.

"who's afraid of virginia woolf" 1966: elizabeth taylor stars as a busty ice-chewing cackler of a drunken husband abuser; richard burton as an unkempt underachieving history professor with a liberal burbon pour. their afterbar with the new young blond math professor and his "thin-hipped" wife rivals any afterbar we have ever hosted in just decibles alone.

i insta-liked it. and if i'm ever in a play, i want to play martha. for years, chuck has been telling me about the drinking game. i see now that this could result in death.


ravioli with sauteed zucchini: real simple's august issue features 20-minute healthy meals. i typically prefer making things that take three hours of multitasking, and two hours of salting the food with my tears, but most of these meager, underestimated minutes were chopping intensive -- one of my hobbies ... so i tested a few including this zucchini pasta that made about four meals worth of zucchini explosions in my mouth. good stuff. picture: F-minus.

pasta with peppers and mozzarella: i could not wait to chomp into the wads of mozzarella featured in this recipe. i cut my own instead of using bocconcini -- which i couldn't find -- and followed the instructions perfectly -- except that i used spinach instead of arugula, which i also couldn't find. instead of making a pretty and colorful pasta, i got a pretty and colorful pasta that looked like i had added a melted cool whip container to it. the taste was still good -- and actually the red peppers were more delicious than the mozzarella glueballs. i don't usually dis cheese. this is the first time.

golden gazpacho with feta: i went with a red version, due to the limitations of the produce department. there is something so satisfying about chucking chunks of tomato into a food processor, though.


Laurie said...

I love WAOFW. I got to see Kathleen Turner do the play last fall. Now John and I have a goal of memorizing scenes from the play so we can act it out at his family events. I am sure the old country Polish relatives will love it!

clara said...

hahaha I see how that drinking game could be exceedingly dangerous...
by the way your pasta looks mouth-watering. I'm hungry now.

Semi-Charmed said...

I'm making the ravioli/zucchini dish tomorrow... Without a doubt.
BTW, your blog has made me start watching Tori & Dean, and I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing. I'll let you know.

Beverly said...

Yes, I do know that about chocolate soy milk.