Friday, August 22, 2008

17 minutes of pleasure ...

today is the two-year anniversary of the day little awkward me met little awkward chuck accidentally while purchasing dinner at subway. i've told the story hundreds of times: since we'd connected on myspace and become email friends i looked for him everywhere i went. i assumed i'd meet him at pizza luce eventually. a dark night, the black eyed snakes playing ... but on august 21, 2006, i spotted him at a common franchise sandwich shop and he invited me to join him for 17 minutes of dining pleasure.

all i remembered after that was his laugh.
well, and the way he kept checking his phone to make sure he wasn't overshooting his lunch break.
and his shirt. for some reason i remember his shirt.
and my shirt, actually. i know exactly what i was wearing. it was, what i like to call, my hangover goucho pants, my hangover shoes, my hangover ponytail and my hangover tank top and hangover sweatshirt.
i only remember because he has since told me that he saw me walk in and thought 'that's a girl i'd like to meet.'

if you'd have walked up to our tiny two-top table that day and told me that i'd have the two best years of my life and be living with this person and celebrating an anniversary today, i'd not have been surprise. not at all.

neither would fannie, who i'd had lengthy discussions with about this chuck character i was emailing.

tonight we went out for the mosts dangerously gluttonous meal ever invented. wine, cheese, pasta, wine ... all on an outdoor patio at bellisio's. we landed at burrito union for starfire lounge. it was fantastic.

last year we celebrated our anniversary at that same subway. it was, again, awkward.
i'm going to reheat my lobster ravioli.


chuck said...

Readers, you can't even begin to understand the decadence of this meal. Pounds of cheese. Bottles of wine. Lobster. Shrimp. Ravioli. The phrase "I don't want to see the bottom of ... " came up multiple times. Too many taste sensations to imagine.

If you're going to celebrate, celebrate right.

Beret said...

Did you have the Artisan Cheese Platter (plate?)? Sean and I had that last year and YUM. I think they put some special aphrodisiac in that cheese.

Happy Anniversary!

debby said...

happy, happy anniversary!

CDP said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! How cute of a story. :)

abbersnail said...

That is such a cute story!!!

Miss Kate said...

Awwww! Happy anniversary!

You two are such a great match. If you ever chose to reproduce, you will have some of the most interesting spawn ever.

Krupskaya said...

Congratulations! That evening sounds perfect.

Angie said...

Absolutely adorable story. Happy Anniversary!!!