Sunday, July 27, 2008

we're watching you, and making up stories ...

i could easily supplant drinking forever in favor of sober midnight walks on superior street.

* a wedding dance spilled from graysolon plaza, ushers loading gifts from a stolen grocery shopping cart into the back of an SUV. the guests last standing look very edward hopper: a pregnant woman, three men in tuxedos, a drank girl holding onto her older date's neck like he's a floatation device. the respectible couple yawning. that guy who looks like a twinkie with a belt cinched too tightly, shiney shirt tucked severely. he wants to party.

* smoke from marlboro menthols, three-dollar meatball baguettes and jean nate whoosh from the open door of the casino. a loud woman in a louder shirt is talking about hotels.

"hookers," chuck says.

* a man and a woman have parked their motorcycles at an angle. when she takes off her helmet, she's wearing perfect lipstick.

* a man resting, face on the sidewalk, in a the entry alcove of a business near pizza luce. he seems to wake up as we near him. stands up, dusts off his pants, keeps walking.

* the door opens, dubh linn's burps out a six people who look exactly alike. across the street, a man has his arm around two women, while his friend is half a block in front of him and another woman is struggling to keep up.

* at the transit center, a young man in ripped jeans is screaming into his cell phone: "YOU TELL HER TO GET OUT HERE RIGHT NOW OR I'M GOING TO GO IN THERE AND CHOKE HIM!" he works himself frothy, eventually propels himself across the street, then stands like an undercover cop just outside the door. she's obviously called his bluff. "I'M GOING TO KILL BOTH OF THEM! I DON'T CARE!" he screams. [at this we double around to the bar's michigan street entrance to see if we can find the other half of this conversation.

we miss them. the objects of his seizure are stumbling out the back door. the bouncer tells us they have just been bounced. we race to the end of the block to see what happens when this duo meets the choker.

a lot of yelling, that's all.

* back at dubh linn's, a young drinker slaps hands with another guy and says: "i heard hi-fives are back in!" off to the side, a man laments: "i spent four bucks on that rose."

* a woman in a dress leans against a building, away from the rest of the party. "oh my gosh," she says. "i totally want to go. i love reggae."

* a dude in athletic sandals clomps past and asks us how to get to the reef. then he tells us he lost all of of his money. then he starts running. he sounds like a horse-drawn carriage.

* we trail an obvious one-nighter six blocks back to the apartment. after they ditch off and settle in on the male party's deck, we spend the last five blocks writing fan fiction.

"i was wearing my new jeans, you know those ones?" she'll chomp at her cell phone, while shopping for nail polish at target tomorrow afternoon. "and a white tank top. i was looking sooooo good."

"he had a photo of his mom on his nightstand, isn't that sweet?" chuck contributed.

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