Wednesday, July 16, 2008

super surfin' jubilee ...

... after i encountered three sheepish teenaged boys in a nook behind the ghetto spur, trying to find adults to buy them lotto tickets

... and after we passed a college student chopping 2-by-4s on his porch to toss into the mini webber kettle bonfire he was hosting.

"everyday something happens," he said. "some shit happens everyday. i cry every single day."

"i cry every day, too," the girl said. "but i'm a girl."

... but before we heard the crunch of coppertone's mini van on the receiving end of an unwanted bad touch from a whiskey wagon that squealed off into the night.

another summer in the hillside.


Allie said...

Looks fun.

Lotto tickets? What happened to teens wanting alcohol?

L Sass said...

I had the same reaction as Allie. These teens wanted lottery tickets? LAME!

Sproactually said...

I can't belive your not straped in the seat on that cart.

The friendly voice of the home depot alwasy tells me to strap my loved ones in the cart.

Or maybe it was the voice in my head? That voice started.. I think right after I fell out of shopping cat.

Great pants btw.. your just so lime green, almost like a margarita.

christina said...

those, spro, would be my "where's waldo" pajama pants. but they are very versitile and perfect for 2 a.m. shuffles through town.