Friday, July 18, 2008

silent all these years ...

today, frustrated with the rain, we raced it northward, to towns spilling with depression glass candy dishes and snow babbies. we landed in beaver bay, and it's cake eating cousin, east beaver bay. chuck mocked its would-be radio station:

"from beaver bay to grand marias, it's todd!"
to which i reminded listeners: "tonight's the volleyball game! beaver bay versus east beaver bay!"

i had scallops for breakfast, and chuck massacred turkey and lapped at its gravy at the lemon wolf cafe [full review pending ...]

the bathroom charmed the heck out of me. i've never hated a room that i loved so much. part bed and breakfast, part just plain ole gaudy pisser ...

a bear fed me scraps of toilet paper. [i totally took this photo with my pants down. after all, the kitchy sign behind me said "bear bottoms welcome." ]

then i took a photo of myself, because it looked like my face encompased an entire log cabin's wall. or, more likely, a log christmas store's wall.

when we couldn't find the lemon wolf cafe, before we ate there, a woman told us to drive down the road, past the holiday station.

"it's on the right," she said. "by the beavers."
"oh! you're going to the lemon wolf cafe," a woman who doubled back for snicker said. "even their salad is DIVINE."

i wonder exactly how happy a salad would have to make me before i referred to it as "divine," as i'm sure i've never said the word, nor written it, in a hundred years of hyperbole.

we found it. in front were two wood carved beaversish beings holding flags.
i don't know what animal the chainsaw was making with this thing.

we traveled five miles toward canada, to this breakwater. i wanted to walk out on these rocks and then climb onto the island. as i didn't have my carabeener, chuck thought i was kidding. apparently it is a breakwater, and an island. entirely separate, and requiring of different hiking tools.

these rocks were filled with mosquitos.


then chuck told me about a story on the discovery channel where actual cats were living between the rocks. know what's worse than A THOUSAND MOSQUITOS? a thousand unspayed, undeclawed cats.

take that, tour man.

i don't know if we've met. if not, i'm christa. i'm about 5'6, i get really excited about things for about a week, then drop them, reality tv is my marrow. oh, and i always, always, take photos of my boyfriend chuck taking photos of something else. why? because i don't like taking photos of scenary, but feel like i should. so i take photos of him doing it. and, he's the cutest.

i like that coat, and the amout of scruff he's wearing. i totally made out with him on a rock. so?

but i took scenery shots anyway. i am not sure where these are from. north of duluth and south of canada.

with this one, i was actually trying to convey how the lake looks like the sky. i wanted them to be indistinguishable. impossible. but look at that expanse. perfect.

for some reason, today, i looked like tori amos. i think it was the rain and because i have my period.

but then i went back to normal.


Beret said...

Fun roadtrip! Sean and I honeymooned up the North Shore and spent a lot of time in those quaint little towns. He's a New Yorker so he got a real kick out of Beaver Bay and East Beaver Bay, Little Marais and Grand Marais, etc. I have a lot of pictures of us making out on various rocks as I finally figured out the self timer on my camera on that trip.

Everytime I see a picture of Chuck I think he looks like the lead singer of Fastball. When I hear one of their songs I always think of him. He doesn't really look like him all that much I guess, but I can't lose the association.

Sproactually said...

Well now, if you liked Todd..

"from beaver bay to grand marias, it's todd!"

Then you need to visit Wmud. Broadcasting from the Eastern Shore of New York to the West coast of New England.

Anonymous said...

this is my favorite hair color on you.