Saturday, July 12, 2008

not yo cheese ...

i began thinking about cheese curds wednesday afternoon. i have unconditional love for cheese curds.

on wednesday, the streets of duluth exploded with food vendors. there were gyros! hotdogs! pizza! kabobs! brats! cheese cakes on a stick! and cheese curds. sweet, i thought, just in time for my premenstral food-fest. the week where i deny myself nothing. the week where a craving isn't a craving, it is an item on a multi-point to-do list that i takeru kobayashi my way through. delayed gratification is not my strong suit, but i decided to wait until thursday to indulge. i'd revisit the vendors with chuck.

i prefer to induce acne in front of an audience.


thursday i starved myself all day so i would have enough room in my stomach to play gastrointestinal tetris with gyros and hot dogs and cheese curds and mini donuts. we went downtown around 7 p.m., and hit superior street just as they slammed shut the window on a trailer filled with my deep fried dreams.

i resigned myself to eating matar paneer, dish from india palace that includes small squares of cheese. not deep fried, but cheese nonetheless. every table was filled.

the brewhouse was our next choice. i could sublimate with beer battered french fries. but the wait was a half hour and we were starved, so we went downstairs to midi.

thursday night i learned that pecan crusted salmon is the exact opposite of cheese curds.


friday found me staring glumly at chuck's big toe and wondering how it would taste with with some breading and nacho cheese.

this time we got downtown at 5 p.m. -- an hour traditionally known as "dinner time." most of the trailers had packed up by then, business slowed by the day's high of 32 degrees.

we walked four blocks and found just mini donuts, chocolate covered cheese cake on a stick, and, oddly enough, a few cages filled with cats abandoned in the middle of the blocked-off street.

i got a couple of slices of not-cheese curds from luce.


the only way left to trick myself was potato oles and nacho cheese from taco john's. i don't want to be premature, but so far i think it took.


Beverly said...

If this is how you are not pregnant, I'm scared to think of you pregnant.

This comment in no way should be understood to mean that all women will and/or want to get pregnant. A woman is a whole woman with or without a child, and no inference should be made otherwise. I'm just saying ...

Laurie said...

My grandmother swears that she is the one who invented the concept of deep fried cheese curds. She owns a tavern in the middle of Wisconsin Dairy Country and says that she served them in the bar and another woman from a different town came in and tried them, then took the idea back and claimed it as her own. This story is legend in my family. Grandma still runs the tavern and this weekend is Cheee Days. So if you wanted to drive about 3 hours south you could eat cheese curds galore. Colby Cheese Days-nothing but cheese, beer and Bingo.

Kristabella said...

A cup of nacho cheese will make anything better.

Miss Kate said...

Christa, taking a cue from Laurie, meet me in Colby. I am menstrual and would like some cheese, bingo, and beer. In that order.

cheesecurds said...
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