Saturday, July 19, 2008

my life as a country song ...

went drink'n down at oly's
at a table with a first street view
ditched my car in a ramp, scotted two miles home
in three-inch heel'd-not-my-drinkin' shoes.

austin city limits featurin' MMJ and deathcab,
chuck had wisely tivo'd.
rode the 'net, eat some 'za,
then off to bed i go'd.

both my eyes and the sky are cloudy,
stood waiting for a late bus in the rain.
almost asked the pizza hut guy,
for a ride in his pizza train.

listening to the new aimee mann
keeping a bus o'zombies at bay,
staring out the window, tapping my foot,
now aimee mann reminds me of the DTA.

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