Monday, July 28, 2008

kill it! ...

this past week i didn't even touch my car until friday. also, today i was riding my bike up a small hill and there was a man on at bench at the top, his bike resting on a kickstand.

"kill it!" he yelled to me, right when i got to the meat of the hill. "that's what i did!"

[then, obviously, he found the closest horizontal perch to squat on.] regardless, this helped a lot. it makes me want to carry a little man around who yells "kill it!" right when i need it.

this week i bought neutrogena deep clean facial cleanser. it came with a free pair of ear buds. why did it come with a free pair of ear buds? good question.

this is what toonses doesn't look like when we are trying to sleep or watch a movie.


the theater was packed and we ended up sitting in the second row on the far right of the screen. this gave me a good kind of nausea whenever batman was sitting on the ledge of a tall building or swooping around. unfortunately, the kids sitting behind us were literally eating a buffet of tuna fish sandwiches. i took this photo during one of the many action movie trailers before the show, then i put my camera away so we didn't get bounced.

"the dark knight," 2008: so this movie is ... long? it should have ended at the 1:48 mark, but instead things continued to combust for another 40 minutes. it has been said that this movie can stand alone, but i really wanted the kind of character-development that, i'm told, is in "batman begins." i love christian bale and his plastic face and his bruce wayne moments were charming and made me crave "american psycho" but his batman only kicked a modicrum of ass because i had a hard time following what he was doing to who. obviously heath ledger's joker was amazing, right down to the misshapen, dirty fingernails, yellow teeth and chlorine-green split ends. but a long movie -- especially one that seemingly ends, then segues into another minimovie -- always turns me off.

however, this means chuck and i have seen a 2008 movie together, thus concluding our movie project in which we watched a movie a year spanning chuck's lifetime because he's older than me. part of me wants to list everything we saw. part of me wants to forget we saw "logan's run" and "arthur."

fitgers brewhouse: every week i talk about the trifecta of deliciousness that is a wild rice burger, a wild fire beer and brewhouse beer battered french fries. consider me doing that here again.

burrito union: about once a week i get a strong craving for the union nachos, a simple mix of black beans, cheese, onions ... pretty standard mini meals of oozy goozy messy good, add a pitcher of chester creek ale.

"mad men," season one: this show broke my 4-episodes-until-i'm-addicted mold. the AMC series about the new york advertising scene stars a dark, secretive, hard-to-read, hunky protagonist and its portrayal of the high-heeled, lipsticked, fantastically bosomed women in the secretary pool is dated hilarity. someday i'll write an essay on how the women from "sex and the city" are not all that different from the women on this show.

"veronica" by mary gaitskill: this is where i started reading this book differently:

"Most of them weren't beautiful girls, but they had a special luster, like something you could barely see shining at the bottom of a deep well."

pretty soon i was dog-earring obsessively, marking great lines on every page. and then the paperback started to look like my failed origami project. but oh, the words.


"feed the animals" girl talk: every week, our friend orion encourages us to listen to something. this week we got this surprising and inexplicable mix. i don't know how to describe it without making it sound like i'm wearing a pant-suit and a perm, as it feels too cool for me to even try to digest.


Sproactually said...

After a good ride up a hill, don't stop but spin fast in a low gear (you won't go fast) to clean the crap out of your legs and catch your breath.

And don't look to the top of the hill, look down at the road. Just spin...

Dead Rabbit Sheen said...

"i don't know how to describe it without making it sound like i'm wearing a pant-suit and a perm, as it feels too cool for me to even try to digest."

i couldn't have summed it up any better.

Beverly said...

Oh, man. I've seen "Logan's Run" and "Arthur," too. Thanks for reminding me.

Amy said...

i love girl talk! i have their 2 older cds if you wanna share.

debby said...

Oh I saw Girl Talk at Bonnaroo last year! (I think it was last year....maybe the year before). They were great!

Kristabella said...

That's weird about the ear buds. Is that to create a spa-like atmosphere? With your deep facial cleanse you have to do yourself? Also, I need to start watching Mad Men. The commercials totally suck me in.

Whiskeymarie said...

I love Mary Gaitskill. I read Veronica last summer on my front porch. I didn't move for two and a half hours until I had devoured every word, even though I had to pee really bad.