Friday, July 25, 2008

beached ...

today we went couch shopping.
all we needed was a trip to tgi friday's and to pay an electricity bill and we'd hit the trifecta of pedestrianism.

chuck asked me what i like in a couch.
i thought: "red?"
but said: "comfortable."

we are the consumate leisure couple. we like to spoon and watch movies. lay around. drink coffee. read internets. maybe get sofa marks on our cheeks from napping on the couch. plus, we like to imagine a world where we have friends stop by for drinks, a movie, some pizza. but not actually do it, because we both kind of hate people.

chuck has waaaaay better taste than me. he's got an artist's eye. i have the eye of ... a woman playing seven minutes in heaven in your parent's closet. that he even wants my opinion is him showering me with love.

i have a hard time giving my opinion when i'm not paying for it.
well, that's a lie. i can opine all over your face. so i layed out, a lady of leisure, all over hom furniture's wares and scheiderman's. leather, suade ... i kicked it. i examined fabric and color.

here is what i want:

super compfy.
big pillows.
a weird kickout feature where your legs can be extended.
cat with back claws proof.

what i don't need:

recliner status.
something that recognizes brett favre's place in this world.
zebra print.

tonight i saw something called a "hot chili sofa." red, leather, too bad it felt like i was sitting on my algebra II book.

i went couch shopping with the photographer. we found something green. woodsy pillows. then for years after we broke up, everyone i met had that couch. well, at least everyone from india.

know who has a good couch? fannie. it is awesome. she's even better than chuck with design.

my first couch was a futon set. it came with a chair, a foot stool, a coffee table and a lamp .. all for $300. i left the footstool and chair on the deck during my first move. i broke the coffee table on my first date with chuck. glass, drunk, happy ... a bad mix. meanwhile, all sorts of rods broke on the futon. my roommate was a fatass.

lil latrell gave me her couch when she moved. an arm was wrapped in twine. my mom offered me her couch: floral and smelled like band aids. i declined.

so we're getting a couch i'm not paying for. i'm gonna watch "the hills" all over that sucker.


CDP said...

Your couch criteria are exactly the same as mine.

Whiskeymarie said...

We just bought a dark red comfy couch, but I suspect that the monolith that we purchased might be a tad too big for your taste.
Good luck on the hunt- it took us two and a half days of JUST looking for a couch to find one, at it was at Schneiderman's of all places. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

thanks, my couch IS comfy. i got it at hom furniture, and it came in red. i know they discontinued my color cuz i got a great deal on the chair that matches the couch when it did. they might still have red though.

Kristabella said...

My couch has to be long enough so that I can lie down on it. I'm 6-feet tall. It is hard to find couches like that. I paid good money for the one I have now for just that reason.