Saturday, July 26, 2008

11 twitter updates i'd have composed between 1990-1994 if only the technology existed ...

* sitting on a stool in the bathroom, staring at my reflection and listening to "nothing compares 2 u" on my ghetto blaster. be out in 4 hrs.

* the fact that he owns a jeep makes it okay that he is at least a C-cup and plays trombone. maybe he'll drive me home! in the jeep!

* tied for last place in today's cross country meet. again. probably will next week, too.

* she actually made me pay for for my maid rite and mr. misty freeze. i'm so done hanging out at the dairy queen.

* spent 17 minutes making out on the high jump pits behind the bleachers. the skin on my cheek is, like, webbed. next up: pottery class.

* uh oh. you-know-who is wasted, wearing two different boat shoes, and knocking on my bedroom window. i'm going to take his keys and tell my dad.

* i can't picture a time in my life that i won't want to wear ankle boots, slouchy socks, flowered leggings and an oversized flannel.

* maybe if i listen to the song "wild horses" by U2 enough times i'll get over this breakup faster.

* oh my gosh he totally looked at me when he was waiting to get checked back into the basketball game. he secretly likes me.

* this prom dress is fantastic. no one else will be wearing purple, and what could possibly go wrong with strapless?

* just split a can of beer with six friends and threw the empty into the garbage can at mcdonalds. we are all so wasted.


Beverly said...

I would love to have my ankle boots back.

Semi-Charmed said...

Too funny... and I related to more than one of those, especially Wild Horses and my amazing floral leggings.
I just might have to steal your idea for a blog post, but I'll give you full credit, promise.