Wednesday, May 7, 2008

why i am not at an afterbar ...

tonight is my friend bubbles' birthday party. we celebrated in west duluth and for much of the night thought we would end up on chuck's dad's couch -- too drunk to drive home. his dad two blocks away.

"i don't want him to shoot us when we walk in," i said, thinking of that rude 2 a.m. wake up.
"he won't shoot us," chuck assured.
"i don't want him to throw tomatillos at us," i adjusted. chuck's dad is the original hipster: bikes, hoodies, laid back, prolific gardener who grows salsa ingregdients ... "and we can sleep together ... he has extra bedrooms!" chuck added. two extra beds.

eventually seadawg drove us home. we received some hard pressure from horno to go to an afterbar at the greeter's house. i was nonresponsive and here is why:

when you are single, or hate your boyfriend, or your boyfriend lives far away, you don't want nights to end. you want tequila shots and a snake named gus wrapped around your neck. you want to see who you might hook up with or at least have a story of chaos. but me? we'd already decided to compete at guitar hero -- the song 'when you were young' -- when we got hom.

so if i'm picking an afterbar with 8 people sitting around on a couch ... perhaps a snake ... maybe a totinos pizza and some gin ... or us. home alone. no walking in the rain when we're wasteder than now ... chuck inventing a new pasta recipe based on ingredients in the fridge -- like yogurt, chickpeas and soy butter -- i'd rather have that.

chuck understood it already, but i explained it further when i got home: say you're in high school and there are two afterbars going on. one with everyone. one with the person you have a crush on. which one do you go to?

easy peasy. chuck just beat me at guitar hero, told me i'm going to fall in love with this pasta he invented, and this is easily the best afterbar ever.

that doesn't mean i may not post my "bubbles birthday" documentary later, though. the night was and still is fun.


Beverly said...

Yeah, that's me every day.

Anonymous said...

aww. sweet. i can tell you though, this singleton hasn't been to an afterbar in years...but i've always favored sleep over snakes, so maybe i'm in the minority. - fannie

L Sass said...

Aw, how sweet! I usually rush home from parties to hang out with AS these days, too. Sometimes I feel lame, but it's worth it.

nanners said...

i agree with your theory. But I went home sober and alone before afterbar even became a possibility so i don't think i count. and i've never written a sentence like that before.

Whiskeymarie said...

Even I, the eternal party girl, usually prefer to sit on the couch with a glass of good wine, dinner I made, and the Mr. over "parties" and the like these days.
But I'm old, so there you go.

Anonymous said...

Why am I so often the driver in your blogumentaries?