Thursday, May 15, 2008

view master ...

i built my day around three events: 1) the bachelor and shayne on ellen; 2) making three pepper hummus; 3. an air show over lake superior.

what you can expect to see here:

1) 45 seconds of me dinging around with cuts and fades;
2) a minute and a half of your favorite kenny loggins song;
3) my assessment of what has taken place;
4) the finale.

what you won't see here:
1. swearing;
2. nudity;
3. steady camera work;
4. a clear plot.

unfortunately, my shooting and editing have not caught up to the scenes i see in my head. when they do, oh when they do ...

danger zone from christa pista on Vimeo.


Sproactually said...

I like Kenny Loggins :-(

And the bad remake of Breakfast in America was playing there too.

L Sass said...

Uh... the air show is nice, but WHAT DID YOU THINK OF MATT AND SHAYNE ON ELLEN? I am dying to know!

Whiskeymarie said...

Great. Another reason for the Mr. to do his Val Kilmer as "Iceman" (or was it THE Iceman?) impression that totally grosses me out.

You are adorable.

John David Lundy said...

The air show: Impressive, but boring.

Angie said...

i can't imagine the air show without the kenny loggins addition. totally makes the whole thing.

the whistle seriously cracked me up. does the wife happen to have long, golden hair per chance?

clueless dude at the end was priceless.

Anonymous said...

"Talk to me, Goose. Talk to me."
There's an untangible funniness when you put that song and Kenny Loggins together with anything happening in Duluth.

Cee Gee

9th and Hennepin said...

I always liked air shows as an affirmation of our military prowess.

It's nice to know that should we find ourselves in a conflict where our forces will have to fly in tight, decorative formations while trailing clouds of smoke...we'll be safe.

Kristabella said...

So are Matt and Shayne claiming they are still together? Then why didn't they do an after the final rose special?