Wednesday, May 21, 2008

standoff ...

this self-ordained "person who rides her bike everywhere" is having trouble riding her bike anywhere. i've developed a very complicated list of personal rationalizations for leaving it parked in the hallway:

1. everyday when i wake up it has either rained, is raining, or looks like it might rain if not today, tomorrow. or maybe the wind force surpasses my guesstimated leg force and that which my windbreaker will actually break.

2. facebook's new IM feature sometimes finds me chatting away chunks of an afternoon with fannie. then, if i have to go anywhere, i'm all OMG, BRB, TTYL! because now i'm going to be late for an eye exam, haircut, whatever even if i drive.

3. sometimes, oftentimes, i like to wear shoes that are impractical for biking. i could put them in my backpack and change, but when i'm wearing impractical biking shoes, i like how they make me sound like a realitor as i scamper across the sidewalk and into the mall. this loses it's effect if i'm sitting on the curb, stuffing recycleable shoes into my bag and buckling up my costume.

i should probably change my identity from "person who rides her bike everywhere" to "person who drops cash on whims, and then a little more on the matching helmet."


today, while cozied into the stall of a public restroom, another patron entered and popped a squat. i thought to myself: "dammit. now i have to pretend to wash my hands." then i realized that i think that everytime i'm in a public bathroom and someone else enters.

did you know it takes approximately the same amount of time to pretend to wash your hands as it does to wash your hands? stupid.


my ipod and flip video camera are in a standoff with my stupid 400 dollar craptop. my ipod won't sync and my computer won't even make eye contact with the flip video camera. tonight i realized i haven't listened to anything new in approximately 4 months and i've never used my flip camera.

it's not worth downloading anything, which is killing me because i just realized a few days ago that i'm a huge phil collins fan. not to mention my future as a documentary maker is on hold.

whatever. i'm getting my period around noon tomorrow.


feistyMNgirl said...

maybe the craptop is waiting to start working until after you take your next bike nnever knows.

CDP said...

How is it that I never thought to call my computer a "craptop"? Well, that situation has been properly remedied, thanks to this post.

L Sass said...

Why does the world conspire to mess with us?

Whiskeymarie said...

You and I are eerily similar in our exercise obsessions and how quickly we abandon them.
I think, for our purposes, that today we will call such a trait "quirky".

I'm going for a bike ride now. See ya!

Kristabella said...

You know what time it comes? Wow, you are the boss of your body. I'm having the same dilemma with being green and taking the bus to work. It hasn't happened yet because I can't get past the whole "leaving my house to catch the bus at the time I would normally wake up of I were to drive." Driving wins out every time in that situation.

Angie said...

i can top it all. the bf recently spent almost $400 to outfit his already $450 bike to start riding it to work. he was so excited to be green, get fit, etc. oddly he got a "sore neck" the day after the bike was ready. now we are almost two weeks past and still no bikey ridey to worky.

moral of the didn't spend $850, right?

maybe he's just not over his period yet.