Friday, May 30, 2008

shoes ...

after yesterday's disappointing shoe-shopping denial, i decided to hit the mall with a vengence today. i like to think i'm a shoey [ie foodie with shoes] but really i'm a person who finds one super cool pair and then abuses them when she isn't going sockless in a pair of converse low tops.

"aren't those heels uncomfortable?" someone will ask when i'm wearing a pair.
"no. i can sprint in them. wanna see?" and i take off down the sidewalk like i'm being clocked in the shuttle run in the presidential fitness test.

one of my favorite girlie shoes is scuffed. another pair is missing the heel. i still wear them, unable to give up the ghost of what they were. usually i pair the fancies with a hoodie and white tank top bought in bulk from the men's department at target. whatever. i like to dress as a person in three parts. my torso doesn't have to respond to what my feet are doing. and neither have to correspond to my head.

so today i found these. cute. my size. 18 dollars. sold. thanks dsw. this place is singlehandedly responsible for me learning math: unlisted on sale. on sale for 29ish dollars with 40 percent extra off. i'm doing this math in my head and realizing that i can't afford not to buy them.

but i really want a pair of red heels for summer and i've found what i like at dsw, but not in my size, but in a brand they carry at younkers. back to the scene of the crime we go.

unfortunately, i find two pairs of red shoes i like:

on the left is another pair of unlisted shoes. very comfy. cute heels, but also casual. like me. on the right is a pair of bandolinos unlike anything i've ever seen.

i like the casualness of the unlisted. i like the bizarre heel and ankle strap of the bandolino. chuck can't decide which pair he'd rather see laying in a pile in the hallway, either.

so i got both.

three pairs of shoes later, we went home. i went for a run. chuck made tenderloin on the grill. we prepared to go out. i put on the red unlisteds for a night at burrito union and looked like a total sailor:

so i wore old new shoes and we walked to starfire lounge. good times.

this is where i remembered i like snoop.


traci said...

i read your blog. you crack me up.

chuck said...

I'd like to point out that while 4 out of 5 of these photos were taken, I was ignoring what was going on and listening to mp3s of Corey Hart.

Ally said...

Looking awesome.. I like your shoes collection.! I also have 5 pair of high heel shoes.

Semi-Charmed said...

As I was scrolling down and trying to decide which red heels you'd pick, I silently prayed you'd get both.
Nice job, you came through.
Very cute. Now I need a red pair.

Whiskeymarie said...

Love them all, especially the first ones. I'm a huge fan of slingbacks, even if they are not always huge fans of me.
I think I need to go to DSW. Now.

Laurie said...

You went bonkers at Younkers.

feistyMNgirl said...

nice kicks. DSW may be a soulless wharehouse of a store, but i love their deals. glad you got both. i think i need a red pair now too.

PS to chuck: i'm glad i am not the only Corey Hart fan in the blogosphere. don't take me to the racetrack, man.

Beverly said...

When those shoes are worn out, you can sell them on ebay to shoe-fetish guys for, like, $100.
I'm not kidding.

Kristabella said...

Presidential Fitness Test. Wow. Thanks for bringing up horrible memories of my lack of flexibility on the sit and reach test.