Thursday, May 29, 2008

little horsey ...

things i learned today:

1. clothes hung on a clothesline dry remarkably fast on a warm sunny day. for some reason i feel skeezy hanging chuck's unders out there, but had no problem letting my bras dangle like mini, ineffective wind socks.

2. burt's bees makes shampoo and conditioner that makes my head and the entire apartment smell like someone went gallagher on a honey comb in the kitchen. and it is easier to weed whack seven months of shin hair in the bathtub than shower, but washing my face in this situation feels like i'm drowing in the holiday inn's hot tub.

3. apparently i wear a size 7 3/4 shoe, which means i had to move away slowly from a pair of really cute and really girlie kicks i found on sale at younkers. also i'd like to own some summer dresses, but suspect i'll look about as feminine in one as seabiscuit.

4. most of the things that we forget to clean out of the refrigerator in a timely manner include chickpeas. first chickpeas harden, then they grow fur. hardly disgusting at all, actually. in other news, there is an apple rotting in the front seat of my car that smells amazing. orchardy and fall-like. i give it three days until this is no longer true. and then two weeks later, when i take it out of my car, i bet it will not only reak, but also be the consistancy of toothpaste.

5. it's easier for me to not despise toonses after i've done something terrible to him, like accidentally lock him in the hallway for an hour of peaceful movie viewing.

"where's toonses?" chuck asked.
"hmmm ... i don't know. probably in his favorite chair."

45 minutes later we heard his aggressive mews coming from the back stairs. ooops.


Miss Kate said...

Try drying your bedsheets on the clothesline (use extra liquid fabric softener during the wash). You will think that your bedsheets were woven with sunshine. Amazing.

CDP said...

Your prediction on the apple is exactly correct.

L Sass said...

I'm always strangely fascinated by the rotting food in my fridge, too. The "science experiment" part of me kind of outweighs the "gross! not sanitary" part of me.

liss n kids said...

Ack! True about the chickpeas! *why* do I always forget to throw away the chickpeas until the stench of them fills my whole house???

Stumbled upon your blog and couldn't!

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

My cat would do more than mewing aggressively if I ever tried that. We'd probably have to buy a new door by the time she was done :)-

Whiskeymarie said...

I wear a 9-1/4 shoe. Argh. This is probably why my, on a daily basis, feet look like I hit them with hammers for fun.

Go out, buy a sundress, live it up.
If I can wear shorts, you can wear a sundress. Trust me.

Angie said...

it sounds like you have the same kind of relationship with your cat that i have with my dog. minus the mewing.

Beverly said...

I've heard that Minnesota state law used to prohibit hanging men's and women's underwear on the same line. Don't know whether that's true, but lucky for you, I'd say.