Monday, May 26, 2008

hikings, restaurants and insomnia ...

i took this on my first night of cat-induced insomnia. i'm sure there will be more like it.

ma and pa pista came to town for an impromptu weekend in the north. this meant a lot of hiking and restauranting since i don't golf and they don't binge drink or stay up past 10 p.m. ma pista was on her best behavior: she didn't subtly tell me i'm unkempt and in fact accused me of wearing tinted contacts [wrong in a good way].

here are the pista parents at hell's kitchen. let's keep their internet appearance a secret just in case this is something they are opposed to. i personally think they look really cute, so i couldn't keep the photo trapped in my camera.

blogger on blogger: the nyt's style section has an essay by a woman who met a guy who had a blog, then began reading the blog of another woman he was dating. i love reading about bloggers.

emily gould story: well damn if the whole internet didn't have an opinion on this new york times magazine story about a blogger/former gawker writer. i could only read two pages of snarky comments before i decided the internet is filled with evil anonymous asses with opinions on everything: from the validity of a cover story on a blogger -- especially in a time of war -- to her choice of tattoos.

everyone needs to take a step back and picture the world wide web as a mall. you won't see me setting foot in jc penny's, so there is no reason for me to stand inside their juniors department screaming about how i hate arizona jeans when i can walk 400 meters and phyically lick a pair of jeans i do like at abercrombie. and if someone sneaks a pair of arizona jeans into abercrombie's sale pile ... well, i can sneer and push them aside. no need to sit on the caps lock and make exclamation point art.

and if i am going to waste an afternoon in penny's screaming about how much i hate the store, i would hope that i at least have something smart to say instead of just screaming to scream.

northern waters smokehaus, egg salad: in a shop filled with fantastic sandwiches, this is just an egg salad sandwich. i was excited about the addition of capers, but the biggest caper was: how come i can't taste the capers?

brewhouse, wild rice burger and fries: big love, per usual. the brewhouse's fries prove that all things should be fried with beer. no exceptions.

pizza luce, pizza athena: spinach, tomato, feta cheese, calamata olives, artichoke hearts, onions, oregano and toasted garlic with mozzarella on bianca sauce. sweet slimey artichokes, this is good.

brownie sundae: between three eaters, this ice cream, brownie, cherry and whip cream mix lasted about 10.4 seconds.

lemon ricotta hotcakes from hell's kitchen.

hell's kitchen, lemon ricotta hotcakes: breakfast dessert served by a character from a harry potter movie. i don't know which character because i'm an adult and haven't read any harry potter. this filled me up for 12 hours and was awesome and lemony and great.

"i don't see why they have to call it hell's kitchen," ma pista frowned.

lake avenue cafe, falafel platter: a repeat here, again. quickly becoming one of my favorite things to eat on the planet.

chester creek cafe, mary anne's egg thing: basically an egg mcmuffin with all the bad stuff involved in the "mc" removed.

"this place reminds me of panera," ma pista said. i put a reusable grocery bag over her head and shuffled her toward the door.

"i'm not there" 2007: cate blanchett is amazing; i miss heath ledger; i obviously do not know enough about bob dylan to follow this movie effectively. there is something about a whale, and he and the beetles fall out of the sky. the former is confusing, the later is hilarious.

"the dark half" 1993: in a world saturated with stephen king books turned into movies, this is by far the hokiest one i've seen. a writer's evil alter ego comes to life, kills a bunch of people, pulls out his own tooth. meanwhile, sparrows flock and attack. i almost liked this movie because it was so terrible.

"bitter is the new black" by jen lancaster: i got sucked into a lancaster purchase because suddenly 90 percent of the bloggers i read are reading her books. i'm formulating some important thoughts on when bloggers put their words in book form. i'm also formulating some important thoughts about how sometimes a coney dog is just a coney dog. but this is when i'm not busy thinking about the connection between the early 2000s onslaught of chick lit and how it has affected writers.

lest it sounds like i didn't like this book, that's not true. i had some pretty serious and genuine belly laughs while reading this. my favorite part involves her wedding in vegas, which was held at the same hotel as a porn convention.

"the paper": best. episode. ever. amanda gets asked to homecoming by the king of the latin club. he texts her a night in advance to say he's grounded and unable to go to the dance. tell me: what exactly did this kid do to get grounded? did he conjegate in the wrong tense?

"gossip girl": all i saw was blake lively's hair. forgive me. i'm a 32 year old woman with a thin, chin-length reverse bob and not a single pair of knee-high boots. i even get distracted by shampoo commercials. i'm told the episode was fantastic, though, and that this dan character is a real winner.

"one tree hill:" please tell me that they aren't fixing to get lucas and brooke together.

"grey's anatomy": i can't believe i used to care if meredith grey and mcdreamy got together. now i only care about whether they can get the teenager out of the cement block he sat in.

i know we're only 2 hours into deanna's search, but i think they did a pretty bad job of finding someone for her to date. my first impression rose would have gone to graham, but later when she had one-on-one time with him, he seemed really false. i kind of like the science teacher and of course think the snowboarder is interesting and think the chef pulled a good attention-getting stunt in making her a mini meal. but man. weak herd.

the neighbors moved out, leaving a wealth of empty beer bottles. seeing this, i now understand more clearly why they spend most nights kicking each other's asses in the street.


Miss Kate said...

When did college kids start drinking Samuel Adams? Is that their way of trying to be worldly beer drinkers? Gross.

Your parents are SO CUTE.

I'm boycotting Jen Lancaster because from what I've read, she's politically opposite of me, and I'm afraid that if I read her and enjoy it, I might start liking Dubya.

chuck said...

Clearly they aren't math majors. A lost-weekend 30-pack of Icehouse costs LESS than a 12er of Sam Adams, and each can has MORE alcohol. Using the quadrunkic equation, they could have gotten four times as 'faced for a little more than half the investment.

Stupid kids.

CDP said...

I heard the same as Miss Kate re Jen Lancaster. I won a copy of her new book in another blogger's contest, so I'll read it, since it is going to be delivered to my front door. And your parents are ADORABLE.

Sproactually said...

I love Sam Adams Cherry Wheat.

Krupskaya said...

I like to remain under the illusion that your parents look like Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson. I mean, it's a cute photo and everything, but.

Kristabella said...

I'm glad you're reading Jen Lancaster! I love her, naturally and then you can read the 3rd book and see my name and be all "I totally blog-know that person!"

Also, I thought Deanna's choices sucked too! And how about the guy who hit on Jenny. Could you be any dumber? He should date the chick who tried to put her panties into Matt's pants.