Monday, May 5, 2008

grounded ...

this past week was a complete mess of restaurant food, live music, aimless flinging of $20 bills, and long walks home at 2 a.m. i am grounding myself from fun until further notice.

pizza luce's gouda mac: my favorite kind of cheese served at liquid temperatures, huge chunks of tomatoes, and reimagined bacon that probably doesn't come from a pig at all. excellent. chuck had a philly cheese steak with cheez whiz -- my favorite kind of cheese from something akin to an aqua net bottle.

fitger's brewhouse tuna steak sandwich: sandwich needed some zip. but oh the fries. best in the world.

india palace, matar paneer and garlic naan: whatever. so i always eat the same thing here ...
perkins, eggs benedict, breakfast fries and jcrew's pancakes: this little greasy montage got me over the final homegrown hump and made it possible for me to still be able to face sunlight on sunday. thank you, grease trap.

va bene, spinach salad with prescutto wrapped moz: a handful of spinach with vinegarette and topped with bacon wrapped cheese. would it kill you to throw in a tomato and four onions, i am paying for this meal, not just grazing on the front lawn. chuck compared his pasta to something a college student would make himself.

on the plus side, save for a badly placed beam you have the best view in town and that woman on the first date a table away provided better entertainment than a thousand strolling violinists. i felt great satisfaction in predicting her response to her date's question: "so, you're a foodie. do you watch 'top chef?'" with: "oh, i don't watch tv." that was like dessert.

pizza luce's veggie nuggets and tuna caliente: why? because this is what i eat on sundays.

niko's chicken gyros with cheese sticks: a fine substitute for an gyro gyro.

"silent hill," 2006: oh holy plotless wonder. it took me 45 minutes to realize i was watching a video game. worst movie ever. seriously. on a positive note, we are almost done with this here movie project.

"scary movie II" : tori has high praise for her own performance in her autobiography. she mistakes the sexual advances of a ghost for true love and goes a bit loco. unfortunately, i watched this on TBS so i could see she was saying very naughty things, but the lack of actual words made it sound like my hearing aid was on the fritz. this is a very silly movie. some might say stupid. some might say stupid, say, during every commercial break. luckily i like fart jokes, so stupid was fine with me.

"the bachelor: the intercourse episode":

* today's bachelor buzzword is 'vulnerable.' if i took a tug off a bottle of tequila everytime i heard the word 'vulnerable' tonight, i'd be typing this in spanish.
* probably among the worst responses to 'i love you' is 'oh shayne, you never cease to amaze me.'
* i can never decide if it is good to be the first date on the sleepover date or the last date on the sleepover date ... but being the middle date on the sleepover date means the bachelor doesn't like you.
* amanda's overuse of the word 'like' is beginning to make me really uncomfortable.
* i think chelsea is a smoker. that is the only explanation for her weird distant jittery behavior. but it doesn't explain why she went cross-eyed loco during dinner.
* chelsea's rhinestone underwear was ... classy? especially when she ditched it before showing matt the bachelor her 'romantic side.' [romantic? so that's what the kids are calling it these days.]
* dude. the bachelor sent meeps home? i'm glad she said something bleep-worthy. what the what? he must think subscribe to the theory that america is a whitesnake video. i'm stunned.
* go shayne?

"the hills" :

* so audrina gets the guest house, which is like saying: here. you're still pretty enough to hang out with us, but we don't want to look at your little bohemian stoner friends.
* i like to think this 'guest house' is a sort of 'concubine hut' for when lauren and lo inevitably disagree on something and lo gets sentenced to relationship vacation. then audrina can move in, and lo can move to the concubine hut.
* when lc says she never stopped liking stephen, does that mean she liked him when she was moving into a beach house with ole rehab and while stephen was dating the regenerater from heroes?
* stephen coletti is like 'dude. now i'm on one tree hill ... heard of it?'
* stephanie pratt doesn't know who stephen coletti is? she didn't watch laguna beach?! she doesn't watch 'one tree hill'? who is this pop culture flunkie!? and how does she expect to run with this crowd? someone better introduce her to brody jenner before she makes an ass of herself.
* wait? is stephen coletti gay?

"one tree hill": three episodes ago brooke decided she wanted to adopt a baby. one episode ago, she got one in the mail. this past episode she complained about upkeep on that rascally dependant. brooke should have gotten a tattoo. tattoos don't cry.

and that thing with the clown was a clever deviation from hollywood's standard take on the floppy footed balloonists.

"battlestar galactica": aside from mutiny scene, this show has had two pretty boring episodes in a row.

"real world: hollywood": is it just me, or is mtv angling for its first on-screen suicide?

"the wire" season four: this is the greatest show of all time. when bubs didn't die i knew the writers at least had a semblence of soul. i will be wishing away my summer waiting for season five to come out on dvd.


diatribes and dish said...

I'm more a fan of Taj India than India Palace, but I always order the Matar Paneer, too. I tried making it at home once, using swiss cheese instead of paneer; it was gross.

Anonymous said...

I think you may be confusing Cheez Whiz with EZ Cheez; similar, but distinctly different. At least less CFCs are involved in Cheez Whiz (I think). Either way, any food that has the letter Z in it twice has got to be good.

I guess that was a pointless comment. Huh.

ceecee said...

There's also Squeez-a-snak, the ur-fake cheese and really the best of all.

While Helo was the best he's ever been in that episode, I agree that BSG had better get its act together.

some guy said...

thanks for the TV roundup. fascinating stuff.

kristabella said...

Seriously, I was so proud of Amanda when she all "you're a giant douche nozzle right now. Go away." And it looked she was sitting there the whole time WILLING the producers to let her into the limo.

The other words of the episode were "I love spending time with you."

chuck said...

The stuff I ate was indeed Cheez Whiz -- the goo that comes in a jar and resembles liquid Velveeta. It's the traditional condiment on a Philly cheesesteak sandwich.

It was really good, but thinking about it now kind of makes me feel sick.

christina said...

d&d -- i've never been to taj india and i'm not sure why ... ?

everyone else -- for those keeping score, cheez whiz is my favorite form of cheese from a jar.

some guy -- it takes more effort to frown than smile. may your day be filled with fascinating things!

futbol said...

you are wrong about two things: the chicken makhani is best. and silent hill is an OK movie, if you've played the videogame first. in the dark.

perhaps i shouldn't go out drinking on monday nights. my dweeby side comes out.