Thursday, May 8, 2008

and bam! i'm an eagle scout ...

chuck pointed at a super high rock and said "do you want to go up there?" and i thought he was kidding. that rock looked like it would require a carabiner, if not at least seven other things from one of those stores with the word "adventure" in the title.

but here we were at 123rd avenue west, and what else were we going to do? chuck was wearing a pair of chuck taylors, notorious for their lack of spikey soles. i'd left my water bottle in the car. our plan to cover 39 miles of the superior hiking trail was derailed last year -- like a lot of good ideas that are hatched at 3 a.m. on chuck's couch. anyway, we found a path and elevated to here -- something called ely's peak:

stay tuned for my photo show entitled: blurry bar shots and pictures of chuck taking pictures of stuff.

there were dozens of turkey buzzards, who seemed to be performing a danceline routine to technotronic's "pump up the jam."

we wandered further along, probably three miles or so, and then had to make a decision:

* do we turn back?
* come out on the other end of this path at skyline. spare ourselves the boredom of backtracking past the same old bear paw prints and the dozens of alien messages in the form of cairns? i mean i'd already used what i learned yesterday from the bristol stool chart to determine these here woods are filled with constipated animals.
* or do we freakin' bushwhack through this mess -- do exactly what you aren't supposed to do and jump path and head straight downward where hopefully we'll hit the munger trail or at least get close enough to it that i can carry chuck if he twists his ankle?

we went with the third option. chuck scoped it out in front of me, disappearing into twigs and trees and grass. finally i decided to follow him, but he was already out of sight. everytime i heard a crackle, i looked for a flash of black t'shirt, and it was usually just a bird. i yelled for him: nada.

i spent about 7 minutes imagining night fall, gnawing off my own thumb then staying hydrated by drinking leaffulls of my own saliva. then i wonder what if chuck fell off of something and how will they get the helicopters in here? not to mention the sociopaths and train robbers hiding in the hills.

"you've been watching too many tori spelling movies," chuck tells me when i find him four seconds later.

we continued our very unpractical drop and by the time we get to the bottom i was being given an auditition as the host body for a young tick. hello, summer!

then we ended up in this cavey tunnel thing that was super cool and dark and exactly where the satanists would spend their time painting anarchy signs on the rocks and pounding sugar free red bull -- if this tunnel was in rochester.

if chuck ever comes out with a poetry chapbook, i hope he uses this shot for the cover.

in the air ... from christa pista on Vimeo.

here is 19 seconds of us on ely's peak.


Miss Kate said...

Nicely done. I have always wanted to get to Ely's peak. It makes Gary/New Duluth look so charming from the top, huh?

PS: Those sunglasses are great on you.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Thank you for the song choice with visual.....I will not be able to get "Pump Up The Jam" out of my brain for the rest of the day....and when I'm humming to myself, I'll be seeing TURKEY BUZZARDS bobbing their heads in time to the music, possibly with a hip hop head/neck wave tossed in; line dancing and all information. Maybe one of them even has the slim tie around the head like Michael Flatley. He'll be standing there with perfect turkey buzzard posture looking proud to be in charge of SUCH a dance troupe.

L Sass said...

Climbing in Chuck Taylors?? Impressive.

Maurey said...

I love the video, particularly the soundtrack. One of my favorite spots, too.

Anonymous said...

i love your videos! i don't recognize you though: 1) you're wearing pink and 2) you're wearing your mom's sunglasses from 1984.


Beret said...

Ahh..the views in Duluth. That's a great husband would have suggested taking a small "siesta" in there. ;)

vixen said...

By now, it seems you two could publish a coffee table book of pictures of other people taking pictures.

You could call it something clever like Double Take.

Better hurry up before Craig Blacklock thinks of it.

Angie said...

well done. the video totally cracked me up! and then BF looked at me like i really was cracked up. so i cracked him on the skull. crackhead.

T.J. said...

I stumbled here by way of WM, and the meeting y'all had.

I have to say, I was quite impressed, not only by your eloquence, but also by your photos.

If you feel inclined, stop by

Buenos con queso,