Sunday, April 20, 2008

well it's my earth day, too, yeah ...

"farmer's market opens today ... it's an earth day thing," i told chuck. "i wonder if there will be actual food, or if it will be just a bunch of guys with beards sitting around in a tent going apeshit on ukes?"

"all i know is there will be a may pole," chuck predicted.

sure enough, when i walked past on my way to buy myself the ultimate early earth day gift, the acoustic version of 'here comes the sun' was more overpowering than the edible air surrounding burrito union. i snorted.

oh, duluth. you are more predictable than the perminantly schnockered college boys who live across the street.

i went with the recommendation of blog friend feisty, and got a shiny blue giant cypress. i also considered the opinion of blogger spro -- who referred to me as an urban hipster, but i believe meant urbane dipster, who suggested a breezer. this was a bit too expensive, and they are not distributed in this backwoods, off the beaten kayak-path part of the state.

i ran into my friends jcat and fng at the store.
"i haven't riden a bike since like eighth grade," i confessed.
"you know what they say," jcat philosophized. "it's like riding a bike."

i rode my shiny blue giant cypress right out of stewart's parking lot and cruised into the heart of the city despite the rain and chill, still feeling a bit unsteady. picturing the damage a bus could do to my head, trying to remember anything i may have ever known about shifting gears. my last bike was a blue schwin 10-speed. both brother pista and i were allowed to bike to st. pius and part of the route involved crossing a two-lane highway. it occurs to me now that my parents were probably trying to thin the herd.

duluth is hilly. one block's worth and i managed to lose my footing, clank the gears and tumble from the seat. hills 1, christa 0. it's going to be a long summer. i'm going to need a helmet, if not shin guards. then i tested a few more hills and learned what it would feel like to have your heart and lungs pinned to a clothes line, drip drying in the middle of august. when i got home, i had a stripe of mud on my backpack. oh yeah. i forgot that sort of thing happens.

so all day long i've been running downstairs to look at my new bike. and there it is, cute as heck. there is a 10-year-old deep inside who wants someone, anyone, to watch me ride it down the street.


Sproactually said...

The Cypress is a good choice, but now that you own a Giant, you must say so with attitude and pronounce it Gee-aunt. Say aunt the funny way. Sort of a French sounding thing.

Remember to spin, you should'nt be pushing the pedals hard, and to downshift before the hill. The front flat part of your foot should be over the pedal, not the middle of your foot.

And you all ready know the first trick to building your legs and breathing, attack short nasty hills, spin easy and do it again.

Make sure you get a brain bucket and some gloves. The gloves will make your grip lighter, and will protect your hands if you should fall.

I hope the bike clicks with you.

BTW, I rode mine 54 miles yesterday, and have the sunburn to prove it.

Whiskeymarie said...

That reminds me- I need to get my 70's shiny blue Schwinn (with a basket and a bell) serviced before summer actually arrives (yes, both of my bikes are so old they need "servicing").
Congrats on the new ride!

kristabella said...

I need to get a bike. You are my inspiration to get one.

Well that and the other day I left work saw a guy on a bike. And then when I got to a stoplight by my house, 7 miles later, I saw that SAME guy on the bike. He almost beat me home!