Thursday, April 10, 2008

surf city ...

around 4 a.m. we weighed the weather forecast and the smooth sweet seduction of the bottle of jim beam we'd tapped and made a firm commitment to spending all of thursday bound to the couch, like weebles with our bases filled with sand.

it was the right call. i've spent much of the day watching lawn furniture cartwheel across the deck, recycling bins like blue plastic tumbleweed. right now, according to the weather channel, it is 30 degrees but feels like 16. winds are gusting to 48 mph. we are supposed to get a blizzard, suddenly and viciously. chuck thinks a giant snowball is just going to fall from the sky. considering the horror movie soundtrack coming from outside, i'm inclined to agree.

eventually we were called to look at the lake. that's what we do here when the weather gets crazy on a historic level: drive to the lake and see how its responding. first we parked in the ramp at fitger's, but it soon became obvious that canal park was where the real action was happening.

there was a bit of a traffic jam. "what are all these people doing down here?" chuck asked. it's not, like the fourth of july or the park point garage sales. between us we had two digital cameras and a video camera, which made the answer obvious: gawking.

"this wind answers the question: how do people's cars tip over," i said.

we were going to head to the pier, but honestly the one-lane road was clogged in a way i haven't seen since the burger king closed, so we doubled back to the parking lot of one of the hotels.

we weren't even to the lakewalk yet when sprays of water covered my glasses. the wind was blowing so hard it felt like i'd ingested asthma. the gawkers were giggly and rabid. i could only stand outside in about four second increments before my body started to petrify.

back in the car, my pants were sopped and we were both panting.

"i feel like i was just on a ride. a roller coaster. a roller coaster that could kill you," chuck said.

now we're back on the couch for good.


Miss Kate said...

You just made miss Duluth in the worst way.

The waves lapping at the base of the lift bridge made me feel kind of voyeuristic.

I secretly hope waves wipe put Park Pt. Only because I live in suburbia and am innately jealous.

Sproactually said...

I did'nt see anyone with surf boards out there??

Those pictures made me think of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Whiskeymarie said...

Yeah, this made me miss Duluth too. When the weather gets crappy here, the only thing I have to look at is my back yard.

CDP said...

I used to do the same thing when I lived in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware...everyone in town would walk to the beach during epic weather threats, to see what the ocean was doing. One time, I saw someone's entire front porch in the water.

L Sass said...

This is what I think of when I think of Duluth.

Kate said...

I have to laugh, but I've been there, done that. I haven't lived in Duluth yet, but when I lived in NC, we drove to the beach during a hurricane. Just because. We could. Insane, yes. But oh, so fun!

ceecee said...

Speaking of horror movies, I discovered late last night that when I'm working on the computer and the kids are asleep and Mr. CC is supposedly on his way home in the middle of a blizzard, our heating ducts make a terrible crying sound, like a cat caught in the walls, if the wind is just right and it freaks my shit right out.

Angie said...

hope you aren't buried in snow yet, sounds like you are getting pounded up there!

i'm jealous of easy access to that lake for many reasons, but didn't even realize this was yet another one to add to my hat.

nanners said...

sproactually, when i was down there last night i saw someone headed to park point with a surfboard on top of their car, also strapped to a death wish.