Saturday, April 5, 2008

maybe if it was papa john's ...

landlord pointing to ad: you wanna go in on this, halfsies with me?
me: absolutely not.
landlord: wha? why not? doesn't it look good?
me: absolutely not.
landlord: c'mon ...
me: i don't eat crap like that.
landlord: how do you know it's bad for you?
me: it says pizza hut right on it?
landlord: sheeeet. as soon as you smell it, you're going to come sniffin' around.
me: nope.
landlord: fine. i guess i'll just eat more than three pounds of chicken alfredo myself.
me: remember that time you ate four pounds of mostaccioli?
landlord: that was only two pounds.

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kristabella said...

Yuck. Pizza Hut should stick to crappy pizza. Don't venture into ruining other good food.