Sunday, April 6, 2008

last night we went bowling and stuff ...

last night we went bowling at the incline station to celebrate my friend t's 30th birthday. i took a lot of photos.


when people picked lane partners, jcrew and i were banished to our own lane for a one-on-one competition where she repeatedly schooled me. i think it is because she is from proctor, where high culture involves shiny jackets and airbrushed bowling balls. i'm, however, from rochester where we recognize this as a trashy sport that causes beer farts.

on a night void of strikes and light on spares, this was probably my best toss.

my landlord got the only pair of velcro bowling shoes. he looked like an extra from "the love boat."

here is f scottie, the greeter and drock.

fscottie is a reluctant subject. he hasn't learned the importance of hamming when a camera appears.

chuck knows what to do.

this is t, age 30 and one day.

chuck fireman carried me.

here blitz, beegee and chuck wait their respective turns. i think beegee is trying to psyche out her lanemates.

here is fng. he's moving away soon, so soak up his cute little pudd'm.

t let me get so close that i'd have had to back up to kiss her.

some people, including me, think my landlord has a lazy eye. he is newly single. please join me in saying mean things about his exgirlfriend scrubs.

this is a blurry photo of beegee and t.

fscottie is just cas, you know.

blitz popped a squat.

here is seadawg and his special lady friend.

now single, my landlord asked to be photographed with jcrew as much as possible. i think she is justified in having that look of suspicion on her face. it's almost as though she already knew that later in the night he'd try to stick his tongue down her throat and leave me four voice mail messages -- each using the full length allowed -- to say variations of this: "you know, jcrew is a cute girl. ... but over the years i've learned that she's really cool, too."

i tried to eat chuck's face.

here i hug t -- guiding her gently into a new decade of her life.

i have a feeling these two are talking about 87 point scrabulous words.

i call this one: portrait of a birthday girl buying her own drink.


this probably means i'll end up on beegee's blog.

once again, blitz improvises seating arrangements.

look! it's jcrew and me!

as the night goes on, that lazy eye becomes more pronounced.

again, here is seadawg and his special lady friend. she has mastered the reverse bob in a way i can only dream about.

later the night took us to my landlord's house, which he had billed as a chance to play foosball. instead jcrew and i had a fashion show in the bathroom, using the various hair supplies scrubs left behind when she moved out. caution: you will see a banana clip in this series. i think jcrew and i were in the bathroom for like an hour.

eventually we extricated ourselves and went downstairs to dance to horrible country music and play with his yappy dog henry, who is pretty much the opposite of trained.

this is one of my favorite photos. i wish it had been taken on a beach and i wish you were looking at it in the pages of a magazine instead of on my blog.

for some reason, i thought this photo of half of henry was hilarious. it's the sort of photo a person takes with a film camera.

chuck got henry to settle down and behave like a well-behaved dog instead of like a wild boar.

some evidence of my landlord's past relationship remains. here scrubs is curiously void of headware.

at the end of the night, chuck and i stole a chicken kiev and one of those pressure packed cans of croissants.


kristabella said...

I want to hang out with you. And I mean that in the most non-stalkery way possible.

And also, she must have wanted to get ouf there Speedy Gonzales style if she left here BANANA CLIP!

John L said...

Kara McGuire was there?

Anonymous said...

You organize fun parties. And I'm finally recovered from it. Now I remember why I do this only once every 3 years. :-)


Semi-Charmed said...

looks like chuch was pulling out some dog whisperer moves. was he giving off a calm and assertive energy?