Wednesday, April 23, 2008

in the car on the way home from cub foods ...

me: this song totally reminds me of roller skating in my basement. i swear that all i did in 1983 is come home from school, attach a pair of tin adjustable roller skates to my tennis shoes, plug in my boom box and skate in circles listening to KROC FM.
chuck: is this phil collins?
me: yes.
chuck: ... or genesis?
me: yes.
chuck: i just remember that tall guy, the one with the beard ...
me: mike?
chuck: from mike and the mechanics?
me: living years.


The Cuz said...

Let me remind you I was born in 1983.

christina said...

well, cuz, that's too bad because it would have been fun skating with you. and let's be honest, you'll never appreciate phil collins like i can.

Beverly said...

There are certain songs I'll hear and know they must have been in the stack of records at the Grand Marais public skating rink. It was fun that there were no grownups around, just an open warming house, record player, loudspeaker and ice. We had to be our own DJs, skating in to change each song.
It's hard to remember unless I hear the songs, but I know three were "Kung Fu Fighting," "Disco Duck" and "The Hustle."