Tuesday, April 29, 2008

homegrown days one and two: the fun shackle ...

so it is the end of day two of homegrown, and all i have to show for it is an orange wristband that suggests a level of fun i've not yet acheived. my social secretary did a piss-poor job of clearing my calendar, and so these early days of the festival have me catching blanched out pieces here and there.

i got to luce for new band night late on sunday, tired, hungry, spent from regenerating the internal organs i'd sacrificed on saturday night. i was so distracted by being at the holy birth-place of tuna caliente and veggie nuggets that i could hardly look at the dreadlocked bass player rocking in celebratory circles on stage.

i took one of those inane cell phone photos to prove to myself later that i'd been there. ordered my food, avoided eye contact with other humans, and finished the night at walgreens in the crayola aisle.

today i skulked the outskirts of a room at the playground, where photos of homegrowns past are hanging. this was a lot like attending burly burlesque's graduation party -- minus the sheet cake and letter jacket -- as this local artist was easily the most-photographed person from the 2007 tour.

i got my wrist band, though. or my fun shackle. this neon orange accessory promises to bring me a lot of laughs as the week goes on. at first i balked at wearing it for a consecutive week. that can't be hygenic, right? my dirty arm, touching that pristine plastic product? then i remember that last year after homegrown i refused to take it off until i had a night that matched saturday's finale on my personal funometer. i think it ended up disintegrating before i was forced to tear into the sucker with my teeth. a week should be no problem.

so i missed open mic night. i got to carmody as haus meeting was loading an accordian into the trunk of a car.

nights in: 2
bands appreciated: .5
meals originating from pizza luce: 2
times i've stood outside a film fest that i was not able to attend: 1
drinks consumed: 1
times chuck has had enough homegrown fun that he finds it acceptible for me to watch both 'the bachelor' and 'the hills' without headphones while he is on the same couch: 2, but i only took him up on it once
days left in my fun shackle: 5

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