Sunday, April 13, 2008

geek prom ...

i am a half-assed starbuck from battlestar galactica ... without dogtags ... or blonde hair ... or whiskey ... who realized too late in dressing that my backward tanktop should have been grey and that the words "very sexy" on my vs bra hardly lent any credability. purple (right), however, is princess leia if princess leia had gone to prom on planet alderaan, before planet alderaan blew up.

i need to work on my schtick.

bad cat, here, succeeded with her version of the battlestar galactica outfit. everytime i saw her i, i felt like a failure. the other mistake i made: not eating before i went.

after reading her blog for a very long time, i finally met my new bff babbleon. she was rich in photos of her dog lilo and clove cigarettes.

purple came in third place in the talent show.

i don't know these girls, but they were wearing pantsuits and the one on the right had on roller skates. i had some serious costume envy. from now on, i'll be on wheels for every duluth holiday -- not just halloween.

i like to take photos of chuck taking photos of arty things.

it was best to preface the trip to this cave by saying: we're going to go hang out in the beaver dam. and then winking.

hmm ... the sea.

this is perhaps the best photo i've ever taken in my life.

bad cat also had a glowing red spine, which means she is a cylon! later c-freak gave me a cigar that i used to give my outfit a bonus that bad cat hadn't thought about. granted, i don't think she was specifically starbuck. but i felt better about my weak costume, which i'd probably just wear on day of the week.

i don't know these two ... actually i don't know a lot of the people in these photos. but these two specifically asked me to take their picture. click.

jay-mac can never remember my name. we got in a fight the last time we hung out. i said some things. he said some things ... we set our differences aside for geek prom. right after i reminded him that he couldn't afford to hate me since i'd be supplying him with smokes for the rest of the night.

i kept wondering where lumpy g was hiding. then i saw him gaming on the second floor.

a faction of the kiss army stuck his tongue out at me.

here is ick-nay. we were all clamoring for shots of the geek streak.

i spent all night giving this guy quizical looks until he took off his mask. then i knew who he was.

from left: purple, cdean, babbleon and me.

the night ended at luce. vinnie and the stardusters, hungry and exhausted. chuck and i pigged out on pizza by the slice and decided we were funned out. we heard "duluth" playing in the background as we waited for our cab. we fell asleep watching battlestar galactica.


Whiskeymarie said...

Funny. I've been friends with Lumpy G for a very, very, very long time.
What a small world.

Great pics- looks like geek prom was a bunch o'fun!

Beverly said...

I can't shake the feeling that I'm not cool enough to go to Geek Prom.

ironic1 said...

Great pix! It was so fun meeting you in person at the prom. Thanks for talking for awhile.

Laurie said...

Hey BFF-Remember-BBBB (bad Boys Bring Babies)

It was great meeting you! I will be up again this summer and there's always a guest room in Chicago...

L Sass said...

Geek prom looks AWESOME. And, I TOTALLY got your Starbuck costume!