Friday, April 18, 2008

best day ever ...

we left the apartment with a plan to just go where the wind took us. the wind took us to ski hut, first. i want a bike. i would like to bike everywhere except target this summer [death trap] and a) minimize my 'carbon footprint' b) save gas money; c) do an experiment.

i told the salesman i want a) something between 250-350 dollars; b) something i can ride on roads, but maybe take on a trail if the spirt moves me. c) the spirit won't move me. i'm not going to bike recreationally because i value my pelvic region in a nonhurting state, i like to run and i have inline skate. soon i will either won the hardrock xc or the trek 7100 ... depending on which one my split personality writes a check for.


we cut down through some neighborhoods, hungry, and decided to hit coney island on superior street.

here's a dichotomy: coney island on first street is, according ot the health department, one of the cleanest restaurants in duluth. a little retro ... marcia brady booths, but you aren't going to die if you like lick one. the coney island on superior street? there's a sign on the door that mentions this shop is anti pan handling. and you way want to commit pan handling crimes when you enter.

i got a coney. chuck got a polish with coney sauce. we split fries. we told the cashier our order four times. this place was dirty. chuck was afraid to use the bathroom, but fine with eating the food. this says a lot about his intestinal fortitude.

"i just don't want to write a blog post about how i crapped my pants on the DTA [bus]," he said.
"it wasn't that i thought the food was bad. i didn't trust the person serving us," he said.

but it was when he mentioned purina dog food -- after we'd eaten -- that i finally had to tell him to zip it.


we wandered down to canal park. the infamous crib, which is a local landmark that washed up last spring, moved about a mile during the storm and ended up beached in this tourist area.

it's weird enough to think that a week ago we were getting our glasses sprayed by wicked waves. to think of this structure moving this far is kind of amazing. we played for awhile.


if you've ever traveled on foot with chuck, you know it is a little like walking a puppy you can bring into a bike store. instead of peeing on everything, he wants to photograph every little thing of nature that ever just combusted into place. gi joe action figure laying face down on the sidewalk? fifteen minutes later, you can return to your walk. oh! guy riding a weird bike? see you in ten minutes. as luck would have it ... i think this shit is cute as hell.


we tried to decide between valentinos [4 blocks away] and chester creek [a mile and a half] away and went with the later. by the time we got there we were starving. we grabbed menus and on our way to the booth, a cook called to chuck from the kitchen.

"chuuuuuuck!" he cried.

we learned they were trying their new menu tonight. chuck got a recommendation: the crab rolls, his kitchen friend told him.

i got a smoked salmon, he went with the recommendation.

when chucks food came out, it looked like this:

yes. that is sauce taking up half his plate. while good. amazing even, this meal was smalllllllllll. a place like chester creek that serves regular sized portions just gave him kibbles in the guise of a small plate entre.


on the way home, we walked through chester creek. came out at burrito union, where chuck bought an actual meal -- a one fisted fat capitalist.

later we went back to burrito union for drinks. i had a mango margarita, a ginger margarita and we played "hey, that looks like a character from battlestar galactica" bingo. i saw laura roslin and gaius baltar. i tried to get photos, but stopped because i felt like a pervert.


Sproactually said...

The Urban Hipster chic that yous is should think about one of these machines.

Internal gearing, chain guard, low maint. and can be ignored. Built in rack to carry shit and you can buy bags too.

Don't know what kind of trails your talking about riding, off road MTB, no, gravel/cinder trails.. yes.

christyhollingsworth said...

Hey let me know what bike you decide on...I'm looking for one too and have NO clue what to get!

feistyMNgirl said...

i bought a Giant Cypress, which is a "lifestyle" bike. its great on the road and paved trails. but its decent on gravel/dirt trails too. i portaged it around the 7 bridges road last fall ( when a couple of the bridges were out. its fairly light.

feistyMNgirl said...

PS sounds like a fun day. i can't believe you can eat at THAT coney island though. once H was served there by a guy whose hands were full of band-aids. he was making food with band-aids on almost every finger.

no gloves.
just band aids.

yes, band aids.

i need to visit the crib before it is gone.

Anonymous said...

so I was at some funny news site reading some articles when I see one about a criminal in duluth, and I wondered why I know duluth then I figured out ah yes, you're in duluth. Seeing as you like funny stuff maybe you'd like to read about it to, but I'm sure you already know the person who's in this article

Anonymous said...

yeah that link didn't work so I'll break it down into something more managable

Whiskeymarie said...

My husband and his family will ONLY eat coney's from the Superior St. one. I don't eat the coneys, but they do make a mean malt there.

It should be noted that I have an amazing ability to not care how dirty a restaurant or it's workers are if I like the food. Seriously. You could have a server with 14 cold sores, bloody stumps of hands and breath so nasty it is foggy serving me food on a dirty garbage can lid, and as long as they're serving me something I love and/or crave, I won't even notice.
I am gross, but probably well-suited to live in third-world nations.

kristabella said...

It's good that you have Chuck. Because when I want to take those kinds of photos, it looks funny when I'm by myself.