Tuesday, March 18, 2008

thumbs up ...

chuck posted this photo recently and seemed to casually wonder when his wants diverged from tivo's suggestions.

"this isn't my fault," i've told chuck. "i swear."

although, it could be. maybe. it all started last week in the wee hours of the morning when i gave "dawson's creek" a thumbs up. it was an early episode from season one. joey is still sublimating sexual tension by verbally attacking dawson one four-syllable word at a time; dawson is mentally scripting the most spielberg-esque first kiss with jen that his squeaky pubescent hockey-haired brain can muster; pacey has coaxed ms. jacobs into some after-school "tutoring" -- or should i say "tittering" -- if you know what i mean. [pacey is dreamy.]

i sat there involuntarily beaming, teeth glowing blue, transfixed by this 4 a.m. televised gift. then, when i noticed my own goofy grin i stuck it and nudged chuck to show him how, now, i was now paralyzed in an eternal state of glee.

"give it a thumbs up," he suggested.

i looked at a stack of dawson's creek seasons 2-through-final on the floor, but gave it my approval anyway. it was more of a way to give the show a round of thankful applause. to say, "hey, dawson's creek, stay sweet." wink, finger point. i prefer to watch "dawson's creek" in marathon form than one episode a day until, like, a book falls from the shelf and lands, open, in my lap and i accidentally start reading. or some small child's soccer ball rolls into the yard and the little pigtailed rapscallion asks for 50 cents a day and my mentorship.

this was the same day that i created a wish-list for shows featuring tori spelling. talk show appearances, pimping her wares on QVC, the E! true hollywood story ... anything with my new favorite: ole squash boobs.

then soap operas began popping up as tivo suggestions.

tivo used to suggest a lot of "will & grace," "CSI," and "romancing the stone." everytime "casablanca" is on tv, tivo tries to talk us into playing it again. sam. now we get "general hospital" and "all my children."

when i say "we" i mean chuck. it's his tivo, attached to his tv and in his apartment and his season pass to "my name is earl." i try to respect that relationship between them, since it was in its earliest incarnations when we started sitting on this couch together oh so many months ago. while i am allowed to add according to my whims -- "nip/tuck," "gossip girl," "one tree hill" i try to spare him the "the-v" shows he loathes:

"the hills"
"the bachelor"
"the real world"

besides, i can watch these online -- which in some cases is better. heidi's icy glares and spencer's climactic door-slams are really best captured on a 400 dollar laptop with dirty ipod ear buds.

and, yes. i did recently solicit soap opera suggestions. right here on this site. but i didn't yet put that project into motion, and it's not like tivo can read my blog. or can it?

maybe i am to blame.

i like to think of tivo as a small puppy standing in the middle of the road. me on one side, chuck on the other. the poor little mongrel yapping, his little head craning from side-to-side. he takes a step toward me, chuck rattles the bacon bits he has hidden in his pockets. i just coo and say "oooshee boooshheee, baby tivo ..." chuck douses his arms in barbeque sauce and slips into a fire hydrant hat, yet the puppy prances to me.

and i get to teach tivo some new tricks.


Beret said...

My Ti-faux doesn't make suggestions to me about what I should be watching. I'd probably get all the shows on discovery health like "the 50 lb tumor that ate my face" or "Born with 2 tails.."

Has Nip/Tuck been on hiatus for the past month (writer's strike maybe?). I miss it!

Last night I had a dream that I was on Celebrity Survivor with Julian what's his name that plays Dr. Troy and of course we ended up having an affair. Yum.

christina said...

nip/tuck's season finale was i think three or four week's ago? it was fan-friggin-tastic.

i love dr. troy.

L Sass said...

I knew I liked you, but now that I know that you're a Dawson's (and Pacey) enthusiast, I REALLY like you!

Anonymous said...

Can we talk about the nip/tuck finale? I mean seriously? Fan. Friggin. Tastic. Did I miss that blog entry?

christina said...

l sass -- i like you, too.

anon -- sure. you start. i've buried it beneath a dozen other tv shows by now, but i remember dirty glee.

Whiskeymarie said...

No, you are not allowed to discuss the nip/tuck season finale as I haven't seen it yet. I'll let you know when it's safe to discuss.

Mmm...Dr. Troy. Yum.