Saturday, March 29, 2008

perfect duluth cliche ...

so i was at the co-op , ordering a large bowl of smoked mozzarella pasta from the deli. to my right was a small hippie family. you could tell they were die-hards, not ust casual recyclers who play the sitar recreationally, because the mom seemed to be wearing the entire contents of her closet -- a skirt, pants, a few shirts and a couple sweaters with more layers tied around her waist. the man's beard was braided.

they were feeding their toddler mushy handfuls of what looked like jalapinos. the woman was complaining because last week she bought a quiche from this very same deli and then couldn't eat it because, duh!, she's vegan.

the toddler poked me in the back with a large novelty pencil and when i turned around he had this big cute old grin on his face. [of course, that could have been a look of firey agony from having hot peppers shred through his soft little pink puffy digestive tract.]

"quit stabbing the lady, beezlebub," hippie mom said.
he poked me again.
"quit stabbing the lady, beezlebub," the hippie mom repeated.
really, i didn't mind. he was cute.
"it's so hard since he doesn't understand english," hippie mom said to me.
"oh really?" i asked. assuming he was adopted from the ukraine.
"well, not yet," she said. gave me a "duh" look.
"oh. right," i said.
"he's from a different country," she added.
i just looked at her. i thought we'd already covered this.
"it's called in utero," she said.
"i've been," i wished i'd answered. "it was crazy. i barely remember it at all."

if i were to write a screenplay about duluth, that scene would sum it up. except the kid would have been ramming me with an incense stick instead of just a common pencil.


Beverly said...

You know, there is a school of thought that you should never tell kids what to do. So, by saying "don't stab the lady," they are moving themselves ever so slightly toward mainstream.

Whiskeymarie said...

So, I wonder what vegan quiche would look like. It seems to me to be culinarally impossible to make such a thing.
Something tofu-based, perhaps?

On a side note- have you had the tofu scramble at Luce' yet? Pretty tasty.

christina said...

wm, i can only rip myself away from the pesto eggs benedict long enough for the occasional brie french toast. but i'll add it to my radar.

Tamara said...

My toddler, who was originally from the same country, as were we all, seems to understand English just fine. She just chooses to ignore me because I'm quashing her independence.