Sunday, March 9, 2008

like all 24-54 year old women ...

recently a local radio station switched formats. they dumped all their fergie and justin timberlake, irreverant morning show personalities and booming repetitious kia commercials in favor of the likes of lionel ritchie -- who incidentally ushered in 92.1 FM's format change with one of my personal favorites: "hello." 92.1 FM is now a soft rock station. while this song-choice is not nearly as punk rock as when KJ104 FM out of minneapolis reverse-evolved from joy division to the billy ray cyrus genre in 1992 -- signing off the former with REM's "end of the world as we know it" -- 92.1 FM's inagural song was a cute gesture.

i've never denied that i'm a bit of a lionel ritchieist.

when it comes to radio, i'm typically a public radio sort. not only do i enjoy the soft drones of a pledge drive and the way ira flato freaks on science friday, i also consider it one way of making sure i'm not standing in line at target, giddy about this lime green champion sports bra, when something big has happened out there in the world.

this format change on 92.1 FM may mark a format change in my lifestyle.

the first song i heard on the new soft rock 92.1 FM was "true" by spandeau ballet. the second was "i've had the time of my life," sung by bill medley and jennifer warnes. i've also heard: "stuck on you" by lionel ritchie, "faithfully," by journey, "in the air tonight," by phil collins, "you've got a friend," by james taylor and "i'll have to say i love you with a song," by jim croce. more recent soft rock instant classics have included: "unwritten," by natasha bedingfield and "she will be loved" by maroon 5.

this music reminds me of, in no specific order:

roller skating in my parent's unfinished basement; listening to the xanadu record with my head smooshed in a pair of my aunt's gigantic, futuristic headphones; a pair of jean shorts cuffed at the knee; waiting in the car for my mom to get groceries; seventh grade mixers. ballet on ice.

additionally, the format change marks the return of the nationally syndicated "delilah" show, where a soft-hearted creature channels kasey kasem's "long distance dedications," tugging listeners sympathy ducts with the equivilent of a soft-rock magic 8 ball: boyfriend falsely imprisoned for lifting twinkies from a pump 'n' munch? delilah can make you forget with "nothing's going to change my love for you" by glenn medeiros.

according to the new radio station, they have targeted a certain demographic within this format change: women between the ages of 24-54. granted, they have cast a pretty wide net -- or should i say maxi pad -- in determining their audience, but this is where i get uncomfortable.

i hate being part of a demographic. just because i'm between the ages of 24-54 doesn't mean i'm going to like that station. i do, but still.

i hate that if i pulled up at a stoplight next to the station manager and i was cooing along, bobbing my head to "rocket man" by elton john, the station manager would nod and say "yup. i knew it." i hate that they are right about me. i don't necessarily have the interests of a 24-54 year old woman. lean cuisines are geared toward my demographic and i don't eat them; unbridled enthusiasm for bed and breakfasts is probably a key interest of my demographic, but you don't see me walking around with creases in my cheek from a night of snoozing on a decorative pillow with "i'd rather be golfing" cross-stitched into it.

[i do, however, like creating profiles for certain demographics, and then getting all judgey mcjudgerstein about it. i wonder if that is standard practice for 24-54 year old women?]


Miss Kate said...

Ooh, you just made me get all mushy about "Xanadu". I love that cheese ball movie/soundtrack.

I'm actually really surprised about the format change. What are all the UMD girls from Maple Grove going to listen to while downing Phillips vodka with Fresca chasers in preparation for a big night at the Sports Garden? (Not that I ever did that. I was KUWS and faithful to my alma mater. Kind of.)

Also, B&B nights are not so bad. If they're in historic Duluth mansions that I stalked while taking AM walks. Then again, Dave and I did roll into ours all banged up after a night with you & Jana & Taco at the Pio.

Perfectly Shelly said...

Ok, I too fit into that 'demographic', and I suspect my 'targeted' age is quite higher than yours. We had a girls night last night and played 'catch phrase' MUSIC edition, and kicked ass w/ the 'Classic Rock' category. We attempted the Hip Hop and 2000's categories and sucked.

Whiskeymarie said...

I probably shouldn't say this, but "True" was on when I lost my virginity. So it will forever be related to that unfortunate day in 1987.

I'm totally embracing my demographic next time I'm up north and cranking this station with the windows down. Even if it's really cold out.

ceecee said...

My judging, already at a high level, made a huge jump when I hit 24, and I've never looked back.

diatribes and dish said...

I'm just glad Delilah's back. She was gone from the Duluth airwaves for WAY too long.

Sornie said...

I heard about that radio format switch and was perplexed. I am 25-54 (although not a woman) and the mere thought of Delilah makes me want to cozy up with a Danielle Steele novel, a box of Kleenex and a box of wine and cry my heart out.

Anonymous said...

You're starting to become a little too, ummm, what's the word... white?

In all seriousness, love the blog, but miss some of the slightly more reckless earlier posts and worry that you're heading towards that Target/Whole Foods shopping Toyota Camry driving Ikea purchasing demographic.

christina said...

c'mon, anon. everyone knows i really want a jeep wrangler.